Spinal Bifida occurs when the lower end of the neural tube fails to close.
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which hormone from the anterior pituitary gland produces milk productionProlactinwhat causes the release of Oxytocin and prolactinThe infant suckling on the nipples sends the nerve signal to the mothers brain causing the release of both hormones.What are the advantages of breast feeding for the infantgives infants their first immune boost, stronger bond with the mother, protection against allergiesWhat is the process of letdownprocess of the milk moving form the upper milk- producing cells down to the nipple for infant sucklingWhy is cows milk an inappropriate source of milk for infants younger than 1 yearIt contains to high of protein and electrolyte levels for infants to consumeWhat happens to the mammary glands during pregnancypreparing for lactationwhat happens in the 6 months period in infancymost infants double their birth weight by the time they are 6 monthswhen does puberty beginthe second stage of rapid growth which continues until adulthoodTrue of False- carbs are the main source of total kilo-caloriesTrueWhat does BMI stand forBody Mass IndexWhat are the four stages of human growth life cycleInfancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthoodDuring routine screening healthcare providers asses physical growth by using the child'sWeight, stature, length, head circumferenceWhat 2 vitamins are needed in supplemental form according to the american academy of pediatricsVitamin K and Vitamin DTrue or False- Is food intimately related to each stage of developmentTrueTrue or False- Infants require more water per unit of body weight than adultsTruewhat is essential to hemoglobin formation and cognitive development during the early years of lifeIronDescribe some changes to the body during adolescenceunkownWhy do carbohydrates spare protein during childhoodunkownHow many days after delivery does mature milk come in3-5 days after