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Bear Market

A prolonged period of falling stock prices and a general feeling of investor pessimism

Blue Chip Stocks

Stocks of large, well-established corporations with a solid record of profitability.

Bull Market

A prolonged period of rising stock prices and a general feeling of investor optimism

Capital Gain

An Increase in value of the stock above the price initially paid for.

Common Stock

Type of stock that pays a variable dividend and gives the holder voting rights.

Direct Investment

Buying stock directly from a corporation

Dividend Reinvestment

Using dividends previously earned on a the stock to buy more shares.


Part of the corporation's profits paid to stockholders.

Earnings Per Share

Corporation's after-tax earnings divided by the number of common stock shares.

Growth Stocks

Stocks in corporations that reinvest their profits into the business so that it can grow.

Income Stocks

Stocks that have a consistent history of paying high dividends.


The use of borrowed money to buy securities.

Market Value

The price for which the stock is bought and sold in the marketplace.

Par Value

An assigned (and often arbitrary) dollar value.

Preferred Stock

Type of stock that pays a fixed dividend and carries no voting rights.


Stockholder's written authorization to transfer his or her voting rights to someone else.

Short Selling

selling stock borrowed from a broker that must be replaced at a later time.

Stock Split

An increase in the number of outstanding shares of a company's stock.


The owners of the corporation.

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