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Latrodectus mactans

-black widow spider
-acute sharp pain at bite site
-muscular cramps, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diaphoresis, intestinal spasms and visual difficulties
-abdominal tetanic spasms produce a highly characteristic board like abdomen
-subsides in 48 hours
-glossy black spider with a red hour glass

Loxosceles reclusa

-brown reclusa spider, violin spider
-mild local urticarial to full-thickness skin necrosis in 3-4 days
-painless bite
-US southeast and Midwest

Sarcoptes scabiei

-8 legged mite
-threadlike burrows, pruritic at night, found in skin folds, behind the knee, interdigital, male genitalia, axilla
-STD, close contact, fomite
-confirmation: find a mite, egg, or scybala

Eutrombicula, Trombicula irritans

-found in grasses, on birds, rodents, swine
-pruritic papules with 18-24 hrs
-chiggers (mite larvae) bite and suck fluids

Dermacentor, Ixodes

-tick bites
-wooded and rural areas
-8 legs
-painless bite, intense pruritis after 1-2 days

Pediculus humanus (body louse); Pediculus humanus capitis (head louse)

-local pruritus
-close contact with humans or fomites
-eggs (nits) that are cemented to hairs
-blood requiring, 6 legged insects

Phthrius pubis

-crabs, pubic louse


-Pulex, Ctenocephalides (fleas)
-pruritic papules and urticaria
-cluster of bites


-urticarial, erythematous bites
-2-3 in a line, bites occur at night

Triatomid, Reduviid

-Kissing bug
-limited to the Americas
-live in cracks, crevices, thatched roofs
-feed at night about human face, esp children
-Romana's sign: periorbital edema

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