Jesus Christ: God's Love Made Visible unit 5


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A way of addressing God the Father used by Jesus to call attention to his—and our—intimate relationship with his Heavenly Father. Abba means "my Father" or "our Father" in Aramaic.
This Greek word refers to the kind of love that is spiritual and unselfish. It means to serve freely without reward; to suffer injury without seeking revenge; to act with respect, justice, caring, and compassion.
The teachings of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount in which he describes the actions and attitudes that should characterize Christians and by which one can discover genuine meaning and happiness.
clean of heart
This refers to having consistency in thought and deed and living with the intention of doing God's will.
A state of eternal life and union with God, in which one experiences full happiness and the satisfaction of the deepest human longings.
This does not mean putting ourselves down or thinking badly of ourselves; rather, it means seeing ourselves as we really are: beloved children of God who are in constant need of divine grace as we journey toward the ultimate perfection of God's Reign.
intercessory prayer
A prayer form in which you ask God's help for other people's needs; also called intercession.
Kingdom of God
The reign or rule of God over the hearts of people and, as a consequence of that, the development of a new social order based on unconditional love. Also called the Reign of God.
Showing humility and patience.
Showing compassion to those over whom one has power.
to mourn
To express sorrow or grief.
Stories rooted in daily life that use symbolism or allegory as a teaching tool and that usually have a surprise ending.
The second coming of Christ, when his Kingdom will be fully established and his triumph over evil will be complete.
to persecute
To oppress or treat harshly or unfairly.
poor in spirit
This refers to the meek and those without power or influence.
Fundamentally a relationship—a personal, vital, and intimate connection with the living God.
prayer of petition
A prayer form in which you ask God for something you need.
A state of final purification or cleansing, which one may need to enter following death and before entering Heaven.
Being virtuous and morally upright.
sanctifying grace
A supernatural gift of God by which our sins are forgiven, we are made holy, and our friendship with God is restored.
Sermon on the Mount
A collection of Jesus' teachings on many important topics, which the Gospel of Matthew presents as a speech given by Jesus.
Union of one's heart and mind with all people. Solidarity leads to the just distribution of material goods, creates bonds between opposing groups and nations, and leads to the spread of spiritual goods such as friendship and prayer.
state of beatitude
Also called the Kingdom or Reign of God, the vision of God, the joy of the Lord, or God's rest (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1720)—"makes us 'partakers of the divine nature' and of eternal life"1 (1721).
synoptic Gospels
The Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke are called synoptic—a word meaning "seen together"—because they appear to have been written using similar sources.