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1 hour

It takes...for alcohol to leave the body


Nicotine is a...

3 weeks

It takes up to...for marijuana to leave the body

Implied consent

Implied consent

7 days

How long in jail for an adult's second OUI?

Once a year

Your vehicle is inspected...

Liability insurance

What insurance is required by law?

Left turn

No...on red

Excise tax

What tax do you pay for registering a car for the first time?

20% better

Cars get...better fuel economy at 55 mph than 70 mph

Turn towards the curb and set a parking brake.

When parking downgrade...

15 mph

When passing a school zone with children outside, drive no faster than...

2 years

Original license is a provisional one lasting for a period of...


A reportable car accident involves property damage estimated amount of...

cause poisonous fumes

Faulty muffler or leak in the exhaust system can...

It just starts to rain or drizzle

Roads are more likely to be slippery when...

wearing seatbelts

Reduce inertia in a car by....

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