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  1. licensing
  2. organization
  3. false
  4. creativity
  5. monitor
  1. a Mike Domek is the owner of the Florida-based Tickets Domek's company tapped a market that Ticketmaster had neglected: He specialized in locating and securing premium seating and tickets to sold-out events. Domek used ____ to locate and serve a profitable market.
  2. b A work team is a small number of people who have been assigned responsibility for pursuing a common purpose, achieving performance goals, and improving interdependent work processes.
  3. c Sodima is a French cooperative that owns the name, the trade secrets, and the patents on Yoplait yogurt. General Mills pays Sodima for the right to sell Yoplait yogurt in the United States. This is an example of ____.
  4. d Connie O'Day is a middle-level manager for the publishers of Free Spirit magazine, a publication targeted to women who are not focused on finding a husband or maintaining a house and garden. She spends much of her day conducting interviews with groups of women to determine what they consider most important in their lives. She also keeps an eye on the sales and content of other women's magazines. Which informational role does O'Day perform?
  5. e Chester Barnard defined a(n) ____ as "a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons."

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  1. Under conditions of ____, a competitive attack by the stronger rival is more likely to produce sustained competitive advantage.
  2. According to Mary Parker Follett, if managers use ____ to settle or reduce conflict, each of the parties involved give up some of what they want.
  3. One of the advantages of a systems view of management is that it forces managers to be aware of how the environment affects specific parts of the organization.
  4. Managers are responsible for doing the basic work in the company.
  5. ____ is the degree to which an organization's external environment has an abundance or scarcity of critical organizational resources.

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  1. problemIn the 1960s, Coca-Cola executives in Atlanta learned there was a bottler in the Colombian jungle that was bottling pirated Coke in dumped bottles. Tthe company recognized this unauthorized bottler as a(n) ____.


  2. whistleblowerMark Graf, a security specialist at the Rocky Flats nuclear facility outside Denver, became alarmed about the temporary removal of 450 kilograms of plutonium oxide from a vault-like room to a "soft room" protected by drywall that you could punch a hole through. Graf eventually had to take his concerns to the media before the plutonium was stored once again in a safe location. Graf actions can be described as a(n) ____.


  3. falseA management study discovered that companies, which invest in their people, will create long-term competitive advantages difficult for other companies to duplicate.


  4. strategic plansAn organization is experiencing ____ when there is a discrepancy between upper management's intended strategy and the strategy actually implemented by the lower levels of management.


  5. buyer dependenceThe purpose of a ____ strategy is to turn around very poor company performance by shrinking the size or scope of the business.


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