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  1. core capabilities
  2. departmentalization
  3. false
  4. a low degree of task identity
  5. team diversity
  1. a Differentiation is the positioning strategy of producing a product or service of acceptable quality at consistently lower production costs than competitors.
  2. b E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. These project teams are composed of students of theology, actors, and musicians as well as the more traditional marketing experts and statisticians. E-Lab teams benefit from ____.
  3. c Elena works in a data processing department for a large credit reporting service and is bored. She spends her days inputting an endless stream of monotonous data into much larger data bases. According to the job characteristics model (JCM), one of the primary reasons for her boredom is ____.
  4. d Refer to Yahoo!. One of the causes of the precipitous drop in the value of Yahoo's stock was the company's inability to subdivide work and workers into separate organizational units responsible for completing particular tasks. For example, Yahoo has no sales unit to cultivate and call on advertising customers. Yahoo caused itself trouble when it decided to not engage in ____.
  5. e In any organization, the ____ are the less visible, internal decision-making routines, problem-solving processes, and organizational cultures that determine how efficiently inputs can be turned into outputs.

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  1. Under conditions in which the rate of both environmental change and complexity go up while environmental resources become scarce, environmental uncertainty can be expected to increase.
  2. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth studied the psychology of groups.
  3. The shareholder model and the stakeholder model are two techniques for determining to whom organizations should be socially responsible.
  4. Which of the following is NOT one of the components of creative work environments?
  5. Most companies compete directly with all the firms in their industry.

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  1. retrenchmentRefer to Krispy Kreme. The building of the Effingham plant increased the ____ of the Krispy Kreme operation.


  2. falseA company has experienced organizational ____ when its form, quality, or condition changes over time.


  3. creativity; organizational innovationThe ____ is the set of key values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by members of an organization.


  4. monitor and disseminatorDuring a meeting of the Ambulatory Care Nursing Association (ACNA) board of directors, a commitment was made to ask members for their feedback about their experiences with and perceptions of ACNA. The head of the organization said, "The essence of being a leader is to make sure the organization knows itself." Then she volunteered to conduct the environmental scanning and share what she learned with the others. What informational roles is she assuming?


  5. middle managersTypical responsibilities for ____ include coordinating and linking groups, departments, and divisions within a company.