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  1. as predictors of future economic activity when making business decisions
  2. tactical
  3. knowledge, tools, and techniques
  4. false
  5. virtual organization
  1. a A department store is experiencing greater than usual losses due to theft and management wants it stopped. Middle management decided to hire a security company to study the problem and develop the best plan for dealing with it. Middle management have implemented a(n) ____ plan.
  2. b Managers are responsible for doing the basic work in the company.
  3. c Managers often prefer to use business confidence indices ____.
  4. d In the automobile industry, three car manufacturers and a variety of suppliers and distributors have formed a network to create economies in production through outsourcing. It is intended for this ____ to cut as much as $3,000 from the costs of producing one car.
  5. e A technology cycle occurs whenever there are major advances or changes in the ____ in a field or discipline.

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  1. After their first year of managerial experience, managers tend to:
  2. The autonomy continuum shows how five kinds of teams differ in terms of autonomy. The correct sequence from low team autonomy to high team autonomy is (1) traditional work groups, (2) employee involvement groups, (3) semi-autonomous work groups, (4) self-designing teams, and (5) self-managing teams.
  3. A mace is commonly used at a university or college convocation ceremony. The mace was originally a weapon, then became the symbol of government, and now has become the symbol of authority of the institution to grant diplomas or degrees. In terms of organizational culture, the mace is an example of a(n) ____.
  4. When McDonald's entered into an agreement with a French entrepreneur who wanted to own and operate a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Paris, McDonald's saw the new restaurant as an opportunity. Unfortunately, the restaurant in Paris was not maintained at the cleanliness standards prescribed by McDonald's (but acceptable to the cleanliness standards of the French). McDonald's brought legal action to have the restaurant closed. This example illustrates ____.
  5. The achievement of stretch goals is made easier when the team members have ____.

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  1. falseAll four areas of social responsibility for companies (economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary) are equally important to a company's overall level of social responsibility


  2. trueThe positioning strategy that is always paired with one of the other two positioning strategies to produce a specialized product or service is ____.


  3. falseStructural accommodation means giving teams the ability to change organizational structures, policies, and practices if it helps them meet their stretch goals.


  4. conflict managemnt trainingWhich of the following is NOT necessary for stretch goals to effectively motivate teams?


  5. how well an expatriate's spouse and family adjust to the foreign cultureAccording to the U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines, what is one method used to determine the level of the offense (i.e., the seriousness of the problem)?