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  1. true
  2. relative comparison
  3. direct foreign investment
  4. duplication
  1. a After the company founders are gone, stories and heroes can help to sustain the founder's values, attitudes, and beliefs in the organizational culture.
  2. b ____ is a method of investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an existing business in a foreign country.
  3. c One method of weighing decision criteria uses ____, which is a process where each decision is compared directly to every other criterion.
  4. d The primary disadvantage of customer departmentalization is ____.

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  1. When Coca-Cola acquired a water-treatment and bottling plant so it could produce and market Dasani brand bottled water, it was an example of ____.
  2. In a decentralized organization, workers closest to problems are authorized to make the decisions necessary to solve the problems on their own.
  3. The concept of magnitude of consequences is the total harm or benefit derived from an ethical decision
  4. One of the major questions that a company must typically answer about its future, once it has decided to go global is ____.
  5. According to Mintzberg, which role would a manager assume if she were trying to convince union members to accept a 25-cent-per-hour reduction in pay in order to keep the manufacturing plant open?

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  1. dominationAccording to Mary Parker Follett, ____ is the easiest way to deal with conflict for the moment, but it is not usually successful in the long run


  2. self- designing teamsThe highest level of team autonomy is found in ____.


  3. trueCompanies are making greater use of teams because teams have been shown to increase (1) customer satisfaction, (2) product and service quality, (3) speed and efficiency in product development, and (4) employee job satisfaction.


  4. falseBoth proximal and distal goals are used to provide additional motivation and rewards for employees.


  5. conflict managemnt trainingWho is responsible for the creation of tactical plans?


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