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  1. manage external and internal relationships
  2. positioning
  3. true
  1. a According to the principles of scientific management, work and responsibility for the work, should be divided equally between workers and management.
  2. b Team leaders typically
  3. c Cost leadership, differentiation, and focus are the three types of ____ strategies discussed in the text.

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  1. In an attempt to stop declining profitability, ICI, a British chemical company, deleted petrochemical products from its production and concentrated on specialty chemicals, a less capital-intensive, less cyclical business. What type of a grand strategy was ICI using?
  2. Which of the following typically is NOT performed by top managers?
  3. Mary Parker Follett believed that managers could best deal with conflict through compromise
  4. ____ can help organizations to maintain flexibility as they plan.
  5. Successful organizational cultures seem to be based solely upon consistency (i.e., "strength" of the organizational culture).

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  1. organizationChester Barnard defined a(n) ____ as "a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons."


  2. falseA work team is a small number of people who have been assigned responsibility for pursuing a common purpose, achieving performance goals, and improving interdependent work processes.


  3. projectA group in Great Britain has been established to improve the employment, retention, and promotion prospects of blacks and other ethnic minorities as well as women in the Fire and Rescue Service, which at present has a largely white, male demographic. This ____ team has two years to gather information and create a plan.


  4. unfreezing, change intervention, and refreezingThe three steps in the basic process of managing organizational change outlined by Kurt Lewin are ____.


  5. falseThe positioning strategy that is always paired with one of the other two positioning strategies to produce a specialized product or service is ____.