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  1. bargaining pwer of suppliers
  2. false
  3. operational
  4. true
  5. simple; complex
  1. a One of the limitations of bureaucratic management is the resistance of bureaucracies to change.
  2. b One of the disadvantages of global joint ventures is that, unlike licensing and franchising, they do not help companies to avoid tariff and nontariff barriers to entry.
  3. c In terms of environmental complexity, ____ environments have few environmental factors, whereas ____ environments have many environmental factors.
  4. d According to Michael Porter, five industry forces determine an industry's overall attractiveness and potential for long-term profitability. Which of the following is one of those forces Porter identified?
  5. e ____ plans direct the behavior, efforts, and priorities of operative employees for periods ranging from one to six months.

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  1. In a situational analysis, a strategic group is a group of ____ that top managers choose for comparing, evaluating, and benchmarking their company's strategic threats and opportunities.
  2. After a year as a manager, new managers typically realize their job is
  3. The typical S-curve pattern of innovation indicates that both early and late in the technology cycle, increased effort (i.e., money, research and development) brings only small improvements in technological performance.
  4. With regard to the question, "Does it pay to be socially responsible?," research has clearly demonstrated that there is an inherent relationship between social responsibility and economic performance of a company.
  5. In general, skill-based pay is most effective for managing the performance of self-managing and self-directing teams.

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  1. trueOne of Taylor's scientific management principles concerned how workers should be selected.


  2. trueTop managers are responsible for creating a climate for change in an organization.


  3. feelings of intrinsic motivationNovo Nordisk is a European manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. An employee , Rikke NedergaardBischoff, who is a clinical-development scientist, contends that Novo upholds the standards expected of public institutions without the stifling bureaucracy. She says, "There's a great deal of empowerment at Novo Nordisk." Novo Nordisk provides NedergaardBischoff with ____.


  4. political/legalAccording to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the construction of tunnels is one of the greatest challenges encountered during road construction. The technique of tunneling has not kept pace with the development of other technical fields. The USDOT has created a national team of tunnel experts to develop road tunnel engineering principles and maintenance practices in the United States through the use of telecommunications and information technology. This group of tunnel experts will comprise a(n) ____.


  5. cohesiveness____ is the extent to which team members are attracted to a team and motivated to remain with it.