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  1. chain of command
  2. is a derailer
  3. used motion studies to eliminate unnecessary or repetitive motions from the work process
  4. negotiator
  5. top mannagement
  1. a Coca-Cola and PepsiCo spent a total of $75 million to launch mid-calorie sodas The new brands grabbed a combined market share of less than 1 percent. Coke's and PepsiCo's ____ would be responsible for determining that the product should be deleted from each of their product lines.
  2. b As the shift supervisor at a car wash, Jacob is bossy, arrogant, and insensitive to the needs of his subordinates. He is unable to delegate any tasks to the other employees. He will more than likely never be a middle or top manager because he
  3. c An international distribution company has a shipping division, a warehouse division, a computer hardware and software distribution center, as well as, a marketing research department, a human resources department, and an accounting department. A salesperson who works in the shipping division is told by the accounting department that he must turn in a weekly expense account. His supervisor in the shipping division wants expense accounts submitted monthly. The salesperson is likely experiencing a problem with ____.
  4. d According to Mintzberg, which role would a manager assume if she were trying to convince union members to accept a 25-cent-per-hour reduction in pay in order to keep the manufacturing plant open?
  5. e Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are important to management because they ____.

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  1. One of the most commonly used operations management tools is cognitive mapping which is used to better understand the psychology of the workers.
  2. The three steps of the strategy-making process are (1) assess the need for strategic change, (2) conduct a situational analysis, and (3) choose the strategic alternatives.
  3. A ____ for a McDonald's fast-food restaurant would be responsible for placing orders for food and paper supplies and for setting up weekly work schedules.
  4. Tom Valerio was the point man on a major push to reinvent CIGNA Property & Casualty. His vision for CIGNA was to become a top-quartile, specialist property and casualty company. It was a radical proposition. Valerio was a(n) ____.
  5. The achievement of stretch goals is made easier when the team members have ____.

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  1. setting objectives consistent with organizational goals or planning and implementing subunit strategies for achieving these objectivesWhich of the following typically is NOT performed by top managers?


  2. acting on threats and opportunities____ are types of standing plans.


  3. product liabilityWhich of the following is NOT a potential legal risk associated with traditional managerial decisions like recruiting, hiring, and firing employees?


  4. trueThe term innovation streams refers to patterns of innovation over time that can create sustainable competitive advantage.


  5. falseWhen companies are performing above or better than their strategic reference points, top management is more likely to choose a daring, risk-taking strategy.