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  1. true
  2. problem
  3. prospecting
  4. group compensation
  5. negotiator
  1. a Because of slowing sales, Arm & Hammer started promoting innovative uses for its baking soda. By searching for new market opportunities, the manufacturer of Arm & Hammer is using which type of adaptive strategy?
  2. b According to Mintzberg, which role would a manager assume if she were trying to convince union members to accept a 25-cent-per-hour reduction in pay in order to keep the manufacturing plant open?
  3. c Which of the following is NOT one of the components of creative work environments?
  4. d In the 1960s, Coca-Cola executives in Atlanta learned there was a bottler in the Colombian jungle that was bottling pirated Coke in dumped bottles. Tthe company recognized this unauthorized bottler as a(n) ____.
  5. e The motivation to manage tends to be higher among managers at higher levels in the organization than it is among managers at lower levels in the organization.

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  1. Nearly all organizations that interact with their environments and depend on them for survival are viewed as ____.
  2. An Indian Catholic Cardinal's call for local church leaders to have more power and for papal authority to be distributed to lower levels within the Catholic hierarchy has elicited agreement from other church leaders in India. He also asserted that bishops should not have "to run to Rome for everything" and that canon law should be modified to allow the pope to share his authority. Vithayathil is calling for ____.
  3. This type of system functions without interacting with their environment.
  4. Refer to Gore. When introduced, Gore-Tex fabric gave its manufacturer W. L. Gore a _____.
  5. ____ is a feeling of intrinsic motivation, in which workers perceive their work to have meaning and perceive themselves to be competent, having an impact, and capable of self-determination.

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  1. retrenchmentA preference for teamwork (i.e., collectivism), team level, and team diversity can help companies choose the right team members.


  2. changeSuccessful organizational cultures seem to be based solely upon consistency (i.e., "strength" of the organizational culture).


  3. reengineering____ occurs when workers deliberately slow down their pace or restrict their work outputs.


  4. product boycottMany orthopedic parts are almost identical in size and shape. Stryker Howmedica Osteonics in New Jersey used a semi-autonomous work group to develop Product Recognition Technology that makes sure parts are identified correctly and orders are filled correctly. This group would be classified as a(n) ____.


  5. incremental changeBackward compatibility is an important consideration for software users who are using an accounting program to facilitate their tax preparation and who want to use a newer version that has greater capacity. Therefore, many software manufacturers engage in ____.