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  1. mechanistic
  2. true
  3. local health inspectors
  4. had the authority to solve problems related to the correct identification of orthopedic parts
  5. options based
  1. a Many orthopedic parts are almost identical in size and shape. Stryker Howmedica Osteonics in New Jersey used a semi-autonomous work group to develop Product Recognition Technology that makes sure parts are identified correctly and orders are filled correctly. This group ____.
  2. b A fast-food restaurant chain that is famous for its small, square hamburgers. Which of the following would be an industry regulation component of its specific environment?
  3. c In a(n) ____ organization, the normal procedure for dealing with any matter lying outside the boundaries of one individual's functional responsibility is to refer it to the point in the system where such responsibility is known to reside, or, failing that, to lay it before one's superior
  4. d ____ planning keeps options open by making small, simultaneous investments in many alternative plans.
  5. e Advocacy groups cannot directly regulate organization practices.

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  1. Which of the following statements describes a circumstance under which teams ought to be used?
  2. The ____ is a type of operational plan that saves managers time because it is created once and then used repeatedly to handle frequently recurring events.
  3. First-line managers are the only managers who do not supervise other managers.
  4. In May 2005, U.S. Attorney Michael J. Sullivan announced that the United States had settled civil claims arising out of a suit that alleged Oracle Corporation had violated the False Claims Act in connection with billing the federal government for software training services. The U.S. government learned about the overcharging from a former Oracle vice president. The vice president acted as a(n) ____.
  5. Mary Parker Follett believed that managers could best deal with conflict through compromise

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  1. Planning gives direction to managers and employees.According to social psychologist Kurt Lewin, ____ lead to differences in the form, quality, or condition of an organization over time, while ____ support the status quo, or the existing state of conditions in an organization.


  2. focusResistance to change usually results from organizational factors: such as the absence of promotion guidelines, bonuses, and praise.


  3. knowledge, tools, and techniquesTechnology is the ____ used to transform inputs (raw materials, information, etc.) into outputs (products or services).


  4. rational decision makingAccording to the job characteristics model, ____ means pushing some managerial authority down to workers.


  5. group compensationThe primary disadvantage of customer departmentalization is ____.