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Astronomy1400 Final Exam Review

Which clues do we have about what triggered the collapse...form our solar system
radioactive isotopes...was triggered by a nearby supernova
(t/f) planets ultimately cool by giving off radiation which is explained by thermal emission
how was early atmosphere of earth primarily established?
volcanic outgassing
(t/f) we know that human activity is changing out climate because burning fossil fuels
why does earth have a N2 atmosphere instead of CO2
CO2 dissolves in oceans
why has earth been able to maintain stable climate
carbon dioxide cycle
why is neptune blue
which of the following is NOT true about marse
three billion years water was locked up in polar ice caps
the temperature rises as you enter the stratosphere because of
absorption of UV light by ozone
what mechanism is most responsible for generating the internal heat of Io
tidal heating
which is NOT true to ganymede
moon that orbits venus
what is the driving force behind plate tectonics
convection in the mantle
do the oldest rocks on earth not meteoric accurately give age of solar system?
curiosity is
rover on route to mars
why do we find some exceptions to patterns of planets?
resulting from chaos that results from impacts
on which greenhouse warming strongest
what is the seat of the magnetic field of Jupiter and Saturn?
large liquid metallic layer of hydrogen
how did lunar maria form
large impacts fractured moon; made hardened lava beds
what is NOT true in regard why jovian different from terrestrials
formed in part of nebula which contained only gas
(t/f) the sky appears blue because water vapor
on mercury we find all of the following EXCEPT
strong green house effect
olympus mons
largest volcano in the solar system which is located on mars
what about titan is not true
it orbits pluto in retrograde motion
where does the magnetic field of the earth
liquid outer metal core
the heavy bombardment phase of the solar system lasted
100 million yrs
where is water on venus
heat caused vapor; UV photo dissociation allows h to thermally escape
in a collapsing solar nebula, determine of planet jovian or terrestrial
temperature of solar nebula there
TRUE about frost line
jovian planets formed farther from the sun than frost lone
NOT true about NASA climate study
difficult to tell global warming
jupiter and saturn stripes are
result of convection cells
jupiter core vs earth core
1 millionx in size and mass
astroids and comets are
rocky and icy leftovers from planet formation
age of rock determined by
radioactive isotopes and their decay products
auroral displays when
charged particals from sun get trapped in earth's magnetic field
europa is an interesting celestial body because
there may be warm ocean there deeper than earth's deepest
when we observe stars in process of forming today there are found
within interstellar clouds of gas (nebula)
will someday break into pieces as it gets too close to neptune and its pieces will orbit neptune
what is NOT true of venus
active plate tectonics
what must happen to a planet for differentiation
at some time melted
comets that orbit in the same direction as planets orbit
kuiper belt
inner core of the earth is not
low in density-less than 1g/cc
which is NOT true of roche limit
if a space craft enters the roche limit it will be destroyed
FALSE surface geology of mars
mars has small standing pools of water
NOT true rings of Saturn
rings formed when Saturn formed will persist
why do we have ice ages
milakovitch theory
particles in plasma tortus that surrounds jupiter originates from
volcanos on moon io
formation of earth moon is due to
planetesmial impacted young earth`
cassini spacecraft discovery
geological activity in form of jets of water or steam from surface at the south pole
self-gravitating mon that enters into roche limit of jovian planet
it will be torn apart
why are there long tall cliffs called scarps
crust buckled as interior shrank as it cooled