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Chapter 18 Quiz

1st Estate
The clergy in France
2nd Estate
The nobility in France
The chief tax in France that was paid entirely by the 3rd Estate
Relics of Feudalism
The different obligations that were expected of the 3rd Estate
The French Parliament
National Assembly
Members of the 3rd Estate that met to create a constitution of France
Tennis Court Oath
When members of the National Assembly pledged to create a constitution for France
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
Rights for all men in France that would create more equality among the people
Council of 500
Group that made laws in France
Council of Elders
Group in the French government that either accepted or rejected laws
The 5 people in France that ran the government
Continental System
When Napoleon ordered that no one trade with Britain so that Britain would become weak
When Napoleon was first defeated, the island off the coast of Italy where he was exiled
Battle where European countries finally defeated Napoleon for good
St. Helena
After the Battle of Waterloo, the island off the coast of Africa where Napoleon was exiled to a final time
Pride in your country and a desire to have your own national identify
Why did the 3rd Estate support the creation of a constitutional government?
Because they were being treated very unfairly and under a constitutional government there would be more equality
Why didn't the 1st and 2nd Estates support a constitutional government?
Because the creation of a constitutional government would undermine their rights and privileges and the power the held over the 3rd Estate
How did the storming of the Bastille help the National Assembly?
Because it showed that the National Assembly meant business and that they desire for more fairness in government could no longer be ignored
How was the Legislative Assembly chosen and why would this create problems for France?
The Legislative Assembly would be chosen by people who were 25 and over and paid a certain amount of taxes; this would create problems because even though it was better than the old government, it still only allowed for the upper and middle class to have a say in the government
Why were other countries concerned about the events taking place in France?
Because many leaders were afraid that their own citizens may get ideas about wanting more equality and freedom and then move to overthrow the government just like the French were doing
How did the Reign of Terror affect France's relationship with other countries?
Other countries stopped supporting France because of the senseless killing of the people
Why did the Reign of Terror come to an end with the rise of a powerful French military?
The army grew very powerful and since people were afraid to speak out against the government because they knew that they would be killed, there was peace in France
Why was Napoleon able to take over France?
Because he was a great leader and had the support of the people and the government had grown corrupt so the people supported his take over
What was the intent behind Napoleon's Continental System and why didn't it work?
Napoleon said that no one was allowed to trade with Britain so that Britain would begin to lose money and not be as powerful; it didn't work because other countries did not want to be told what to do so they kept trading with Britain
Why did Napoleon attack Russia?
Russia was trading with Britain and breaking the Continental System and Napoleon knew that if he allowed Russia to do it, other countries might follow their lead and defy him
How did Napoleon's arrogance lead to his downfall?
Because he believed he was invincible and attacked Russia and lost a large number of men which made France weak and open to attack
Name and explain the two things that brought down Napoleon's Empire?
1. The survival of Britain proved that Napoleon was not invincible
2. The rise of nationalism where countries did not want to be under his rule and desired to be their own countries and they would eventually rebel against him
How did the Russians defeat Napoleon?
They knew that they couldn't beat him so they would retreat in to Russia and burn all the villages along the way so that Napoleon's army wouldn't have any supplies and they would be far away from home and eventually have to turn back