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  1. À la prochaine
  2. Au revoir
  3. Tchao
  4. Comment ça va?
  5. Ça va pas terrible
  1. a
    It's going terribly (literal is "not terrible, but translated as "terribly")
  2. b
    Bye (Italian word)
  3. c
    Good bye (until we see each other again)
  4. d
    Until next time
  5. e
    How's it going? (remember ? mark)

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  1. It's going badly

  2. Have a good week-end

  3. Hello again

  4. I'm exhausted (male speaking)

  5. I'm exhausted (female speaking)

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  1. Ça va très mal
    It's going very badly


  2. À bientôt
    See you soon... in days or weeks


  3. À tout à l'heure
    Until next time


  4. Ça va bien
    It's going well


  5. À plus tard
    See you later