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(n) any charge, accusation, serious criticism, or cause for blame

Generally, a indictment would eliminate a contractor from consideration.


(adj) messy, untidy, unkempt

What remains of their hair is as disheveled as their cramped offices.


(adv) easily seen or noticed, attracting attention

Other times they appear to be wealthy pedestrians wearing expensive jewelry conspicuously around their necks.


(adj) cleared of blame, suspicion, or doubt; justified

Many of those same enthusiasts now say they have been vindicated.


(n) daring, open disregard (sometimes contempt) for authority

Defiance of gravity and any thoughts of the dragon.


(n) violent revenge

Little did he know that he would drive smack into the middle of an angry mob looking for vengeance.


(adv) secretively, stealthily, shyly

Chances are you're thinking of a large, bulky bird with huge eyes huddled furtively in a tree.


(adj) fruitless, useless

Global warming, in particular, is making general-purpose futurology all but futile.


(adj) deep, meaningful

So many authors, when they take on a profound concept, become dismal and didactic.


(n) a fortification; anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition, etc. : a bastion of solitude; a bastion of democracy.

It was among the city's liveliest places, a bastion of the big steak and the big band sound.


(v) to conform or adjust to the customs, attitudes, etc., of a group

They were readily assimilated into the life of the new nation.


(n) a flirt

The coquette of the insect species, it seems, winks a light every two seconds when in a romantic swoon.


(v) to beg

We also implore visitors not to intrude on the lives or private property of people who live next to the boat launch.


(n) sarcasm

Facetiousness is more of a synthetic foam that fills an inert body of prose with the equivalent of an all-purpose grin.


(n) someone who is willing to die for what he/she believes in

But his friends have almost turned him into a martyr.


(n) inscription on a tombstone; brief literary piece commemorating a dead person

serve as his epitaph.

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