English 1C readings

Henry Jenkins Convergence of culture
A world of old media and new media come together to connect people in ways that they have never been connected before. Bert is evil example. From Ignacio's room to the Bangladesh printing shop. Circulation of media. Cell phones: electronic Swiss army knife. Convergence of old media and new media some thought it was happening other did not. Old media never dies just the way it is delivers does 8-track etc. Media convergence impacts the way we consime media.
Steven Johnson Opinions pieces on the democratic vistas of the Web 2.0 world.
For it. Says web 2.0 was arranged around people. He believes that the internet offers a chance for ordinary people to converse about the local issure in thie lives that the professuinals largely ignore. Web 2.0 allows the people themselves to be the experts. Web 2.0 relys on ameature bloggers. His webstie.
Brian Williams "Enough about you"
Same as Steven. Against it doesn't belive you centered web 2.0 Is beneficial. Argues about what could be lost if everyone is a potential expert journalist and are all "talking at once" the ability to tailor our media consumption to only those sources that reflect our already held views may lead to missind out on other perspectives.
Danah Boyd "implications of user choice: The cultural logic of Myspace Facebook"
reveals surprising racial coding that seperates rival social networking sites FB and MYspace. The shift from facebook to myspace. Concludes racial and class snobbery was involved, referring myspace as "ghetto" maybe social networking isn't drawing people together afterall, causing ancient conflicts and divisions. Interviews: wangastas, and Hispanics, and emos stay on myspace. People on myspace are barely educated and obnoxious.
Ian daly Virtual popularity isnt cool-its pathetic
Meditates on the personal implications of online "friending" especially from men on facebook, whom he sees as acting like teenage girls. Says "friending" is a competitive sport now:like ht epopular kids facbeook will end up living in a trailor" males behaving like 13 year old girls. Job companies look at fb and can fire you for them. He doenst believe that you are missing out if ur not on facebook
Concludes that most college student are not just unwilling, but functionally unable to be without their media links to the world." The use of digital technology is addictive concludes this study. For this study student gave up their digital devices for 24 hours and they were traumatized by the experience. "iming nad texting gives me a feeling of comfort" says one student. Their feelings without them are like drug and alchol withdrawals. Theyfelt unconnected, without media no friends and family. They were bored. Acutally care about news but mostly that instantaneous flor of information.
Zach Waggoner Video games, avatars, and identity:
Avatara meaning descent is a sanskirt word that in hingusim reders to an incarnation a bodily manifestation, of an immportal being. Hindu gods turn into avatars when they want to go to the human world. Avatar us the ysers reoresebtatuve ub tge vurtyak ybuverse relationship between user and avatar.
A.B Harris Average gamers please step forward
Does not believe that average gamers are male head of house hold, in their 30's read books and newspaper. Over sexed male adolescent with a penchant for violence. Here he calls for his fellow average game players to make themselves heard and demonstrate that they are far more credible and intelligent than their public suggest.
Jonathan Rauch: The Boston tea party
was a network not an organization. The ideological mirror image of moveon.org the tea part is yet another signifier of wired society; whether it will succeed in its goal to change american coscniousness is something that Rauch does not predict.
Robert B Ray The Thematic Paradigm
Analysis of the "official hero" and "outlaw hero" as they appear in both american history and cinema begins this chapter. Ray explains americans have always been ambivalent about the value of civilization, celebrating it through "official heroes" like George Washington while at the same time questioning it with outlaw heroes like jesse james, and davy crockett. Especially when both are put into the same movies they create a mythic solution. His analysis shows how the movies are rich sources for cultural interpretation.
Linda Seger creating the myth
how-to guide for the creation of the kind of archetypal character that made star wars one of the most popular movies of all time in a paired set of readings. She argues that you have got to know your archtypes Seger recelars the secret behind the success of Hollywood movies like starwars. Luke skywalker says how you can create such heroes urself. The road to popular success in mass culture is paved with cultural myths and clichés.
Jessica Hagedorn Asian Women in film: no Joy no Luck
surveys tradition of American filmmaking in which Asian women are stereotypes as either tragic or trivial. She thinks that movies always portray Asian women as tragic victims of history and fate. She calls for a different kind of story telling that would show Asian women as powerful controllers of their own destinies. Whore. White women played chinese. Always air head and under men, had to die if she broke that staerotype. Curses out mickey rouke.
Hirsh Sawhney an Idiots guide to India
takes on the sort of stereotyping of indai in slumdog millionaire that lets western viewers off the hook when it comes to indian poverty. Just because slumdog millionaire won 8 oscars doesn't mean that western movie makers will not get it right when it comes to making movies about India. Exploiting the old clichés of indian poverty and corruption. He argues that this movie only made westerners feel good about what the west can do for india withut exploring the less entertaining details and concersn how the west has contributed to indias problesm
Matt Zoller The offensive cliché that wont die
seits follows with a critical expose of movielands "magic negro" a saintly African american character who acts as a mentor to a questing white hero. You see him in shows like the simpsons, and even more serious in the green mile. He's the magical Negro a saintly African american character who acts as a mento to a questing white hero. In recent movies. His persistence in american culture can be a signifier of a larger cultural negotiation in which seits argues white America, finding itself no longer in complete control of the cultural and political agenda.
Mitu Sengupta Race relations light years from earth
then surveys the critical reception of Avatar a film that stirred political antipathy from both left and right even as it became the box office champion of all time. Political buzz. Conservative reviewers found in the ful a critical allefort of western capitalism and imperialism, like dances with wolves.
Bob Samuels inception as deception
provocatively argues that inception is really a kind of allegory of the way that popular culture takes hold of our consciousness. Inception is an allegory of modern America life. Distracts us from the depressing truth.
Michael Parenti Class Virtue
takes a social class based approach to the comes of American cinema, nothing that caste biases inherent in such popular hits as pretty woman. Hollywood has always conditioned audiences to root for the ruing classes and ignore the inequities of class privilege. Parenti argues that Hollywood makes sure its audiences leave the theater thinking you cant be too rich.
David Denby's high school confidential
Notes on teen Movies: explains why generations of teenage flock to all those jocks and cheerleaders versus the nerds movies. Nerd at the bottom, where else, kuje tge nukuins of suffering kids who flock in their films.
Vivian c sobchack The post morbid condition
follows with an inflincing analysis of screen violence then and now. Make some kind of meaning out of senseless violence bonnie and clyde. Quinton terentino uses senseless violence for comic effect she argues that origionally published screening violence is that there is no point at all or rather that theu human body has lost its meaning to contemporary life and has become little more than a machine whose desriction is on a par with exploding automobile. Pulp fiction, she revelas the frces behind dehumanization of Hollywood violence
James Herold "a moral never-never land
identifying with tony soprano: A Moral never-never land: Identifying with Tony Soprano: Follows with philosophical meditation on the guilty pleasure the sopranos
Stephen Garrett "why we love TV"s anti-heroes
Analyzes the proliferation of television anti-heroes badly behaving characters like don draper and peter griffin in an era of moral ambiguity
Natasha Simons "Mad Men and the Paradox of the past"
unravels the political significance of Mad Men a show that looks different depending upon your own ideology.
Rita Koganzon "All camped out: how Glee became a preach after school special":
deconstrucs glee, finding traces of both camp and anti-camp attitudes within its contradictory plit lines. The show glee is schizophrenic. On one hand for adults glee is a classic camp satiremonogamous relationship, lies, sex, and babies to keep them under their thumbs. But it has a different viewing to younger people which keeps them watching.
Andy Medhurt's "Batman, Devieance, and camp
gleeful exploration of televisions batman, perhaps the campiest tv series of all time. Explain why robin had to disappear, he was re-hetersexualized compares to the homoerotic of the 1960's.
Drake Bennett "Guiding lightsL how soap operas can save the world"
surprising essay on television soap operas arfues that viewers all over the world learn how not to behabe by watching them. Use saop operas as a way of how NOT to behavein india where more soap operas are watched women are being given more rights. In brazil birth rates have follen thanks to novelas. In America health tips are thrown into the soap operas.
Niel Gabler "the social networks":
suggests that having contrivuted to the atomization of american society TV has learned hwo to compensate for the icnreaing alienation it seems to induce by filling its schedual with shows fulled with flocks of friends and familes and relationships. Whatever you see on tv you are certain to see "lots of folks spending the better part of their day surrounded by their frieds and familyin happy conviviality. A place where it is hard to find deep social interaction other than on tv. Suggest that rv is providing some sort of compensation all the simulated conviviality while being a pleasant dream.
Roland Laired "The boondocks
Carrying on the tradition of subversive black comedy" : concludes the chapter with an essay on the boondocks and its place in cultural history. Self hatred community like uncle ruckus on the boondocks some people get offended but other like him find it funny. It is subversive comedy descitrice behavior both black and white.
Mariah Burton Nelson " I won. I'm Sorry.":
Competitions are about winning, no problem for men because their gender code tells them to be aggressive and dominant. She asks hwo can woman win if they are suppose to be feminant. Beauty and femininity, seem to be as important to todays female athlees asbrawn and gold medals she complains.
Michael OmiIn living color
race and American culture; he argues that racism is not a thing of the past and is still part of our lives one that is both over and inferential. We use race to judge a person character, inderntial racis invoked deep rooted steritypes our popular culture is hardly immune to these stareotypes.
Kevin Jennings "american Dreams"
Homosexuals have to go far before gainin acceptance. Ellen degeneres happy but a lot of protestors. Jenning revelas the torment endured by a chld foced to conceal his difference from everyone around him especially his parents. With years of eslf denial and one cuisce attempt behind him, he eventually accepted himself and achieved his own version of the american dream.
Andrew Sullivan "my big fat straight wedding
the heart of a legal battle for homosexual to marry what if homosexuals were straight? Treating gays as individuals rather than as peope engaging in certain activities. How do you treat minorite or gener nad race the same way.
David Brooks "one nation, slightly divisible":
says that blue states are richer and red states are red necks
Barbara Ehrenreigh "Bright-sided"
optimis can also make amerian reckless as when invester bankers and home buywers between 2001 and 2006 bet on eternally increasing home values, an overly rosu gamble that led to great recession. The book "the secret" tells people to think positively and that everything they desire will become realityshe believes that America could be a better indeed happier place If it can only recover from the mass delusion that is positive thinking.
Randall Kennedy "Blind spot"
racial profiling it has become a crime to be "caught driving while black" enter the contravoery here form an unsua angle finding a fundamental contradiion in the position of both suppoers and opponent of racial profiling. While supports of the racial profiling assert the rights of the community rather than that one person but when it comes to affirmative actuion it's the rights of the indiviaul over the community, and those against it are the opposite. He says that it is time that they each listen to what they have to say.
Daniela Mackay "the magic of the anti-myth"-
he notes in his detailed analysis is part of a widespread tendancy to treat the star wars films as newmoythology. Says there is profound contradiction at work here cannot rely on technology to save usl
Richard Corliss "the gospel according to spider man":
melding of religion and pop culture , chrsitina rock, chrsitina film industries, more wedings of antagonist.
Murray Milner Jr. "freaks, geeks, and cool kids:
has not left the protestant work ethich hard work productivity both a social land personal good. The social idea becomes the person who both wokrs hard and play hard. Milner argues this idea is exemplifies in youth by the high school preppie and in adulthood burgoise bohemian. They attain hard work to get a status and get lavish things.
Stuart Buck "Acting White"
Slander that a black kid with a book is acting white. Asks if this is really slander. Wants to know where the criticism came from in the first place. Acting white is an ironic desegregation was often implemented in a way that was devastating to black student. Buck explains how the well intentioned polcies of desegregation eventually led to such a reversal intention.
Angeline F Price "working class whites":
": One grou of americans has not benefited from this repudiation of negative sterotyping: working class whites especially those in the south. Put up a webstie to show how "white trash" continue to be subject to distortion and disrespect in the mass media.
Jack Lopez "Of cholos and surfer":
La is a surfer place but in east LA if you're a Mexican walking around like a surfer it might cause trouble. He was able to have the best of both worlds.
Nell Bernstein "goin' Gangsta, Choosin cholita
white kids who dress like inner city gangsters, aka wannabes. Feelings and probes of kids choosing to go gangster. Kids who try on a racial identity that's not their own.
Melissa Algranati "Being an Other":
in a country obsessed with racial identity, an Egyptian pureto reican jew. She becomes an "other" being half of tow immigrants, who came together in a marriage that only America could create.