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A Duty, do unto others, "golden rule"

An action is moral if it arises solely from "good will" .

Means justifies the end, intent of the act determines the goodness


end justifies the means

outcome of the act determines the goodness


greatest good for the largest number of people


charity and goodness


opposite of beneficence. Do no harm.


self governing

Puropose of coe

give a detailed account of acceptable acts and behaviors of a particular occupation

Pre-Conditions of Informed consent




diagnosis, treatment
purpose, risks & consequences
Benefits, probablity of success
alternatives, prog w/out treatment

exceptions to consent

incapacity-surrogate, infanct, CVA
patient waiver
therapeutic privilege
national/state waiver


childs agreement, distinguised from legal adult
educational to child
awareness, expect from tests, understand willingness

clinicians role

types of treatment
risks of treatment
information to patient-communication

patients role

affective, personal, subjective

autonomous law

law that comes from ourselves

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