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Victorian Poetry Unit

What are the two parties of Victorian England
Whigs and Tories
Who were the leaders of the political parties of Victorian England
Tories- Disraeli
Whigs- Gladstone
Name the three growths in economics
Cities, middle class, poverty
White Man's Burden? Who?
Rudyard Kipling
What are the trends in literature?
Comedy of manners
Age of the Novel
What is a comedy of Manners?
Comic writing about characters' abilities or inabilities to comprehend and meet social standards.
Lewis Carroll
Rudyard Kipling
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Ulysses, Charge of the Light Brigade, The Lady of Shallot
Robert Browning
Porphyria's Lover, Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Sonnets of the Portuguese
Thomas Hardy
Convergence on the Twain, Hap, The Ruined Maid