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Journey of the catholic faith


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an act of travelling from one place to another, a passage or progress from one stage to another. A long and often difficult process of personal change and development.
Literary motif
Motif is an object or idea that repeats itself throughout a literary work.
Hebrew Scriptures
The sacred writings of the Hebrew people. The authors of these writings were inspired by God to write about the truths that God wanted to reveal to the people of Israel. Christians refer to the Hebrew scriptures as the Old Testament.
From the Greek word exodus, departure, exit. This refers to the departure of the Hebrew people from Slavery in Egypt (probably in the 13th Century BCE). Under the protection of God and the leadership of Moses, the Israelites left Egypt and travelled through the Sinai Desert to Cannan. The Book of Exodus tells this story.
Christian Scriptures
Sacred writings of a religious group. The Christian Bible is made up of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures (which is the New Testament, containing the four Gospels).
Used by the early Christians to describe the good news that Jesus saved us from the power of evil.
Hebrew word for faith is aman be firm, true; Latin fides, trust, confidence. Faith is a gift from God that allows people to believe and trust in the love and protection of God. A system of religious belief the Jewish faith the Christian faith.
1. A declaration by a witness under oath, as that given before a court or deliberative body. 2. All such declarations, spoken or written. A public declaration regarding a religious experience.
to traverse or range over for the purpose of discovery: to look into closely; scrutinize; examine: to investigate into. to search for; search out.
A journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion. The journey made by a pilgrim ( one who travels to a holy place in order to show devotion and gain some spiritual benefit). On a pilgrimage a pilgrim will travel to a place of devotion, pray and pay respect to the particular person veneration or buried at this holy place.
A worldview means the way in which a society sees the world. The society into which one is born may determine how you see the world, how one makes sense of the world in which they live in. Each religion promotes its own worldview and provides believers with a specific set of beliefs as well as practices that give meaning to their lives.
Something one holds to be true in confidence.
The Latin word credere, means to trust, believe.
A formal statement of essential core beliefs. In Christianity creeds were used in liturgy to proclaim their beliefs in a ceremonial form, eg. Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed.
A teaching that states that there are three parts to the One God.
A belief that after judgement the body will rise and unite with the soul and live in the presence of the Divine for eternity.
Christians are those people who proclaim Jesus Christ as the Son of God, accept him as their guide and saviour and follow his teachings in the way they live out their lives. The community of Christians is called the Church or the people of God.
A religious group that is part of the same religion that may share similar beliefs about faith as well as some practices. There are many Christian denominations, for example Catholic, Anglican, and Greek Orthodox.
Greek catholikos, universal, involving everybody) A term used to describe the Roman Church.
Greek, eucharistia, meaning thanksgiving. In the New Testament was a word to describe the meeting at which Christians gathered in order to remember Jesus' death and resurrection which was known as the last supper. The sacrament of the Eucharist is the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ in the Mass. It also refers to the consecrated bread and wine.
To reconcile means to bring back or restore or heal a broken relationship. This involves a change of attitude and action. The sacrament of Reconciliation refers to a person confessing to a priest the fact he/she is sorry for sin and is being reconciled with God.
An act in which we lift our minds and hearts to God. Prayer is communicating with God which can take place in various forms.