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  1. Joseph Cinque
  2. John C. Calhoun
  3. Underground Railroad
  4. Missouri Compromise
  5. Union
  1. a led the Amistad rebellion on the ship called the Amistad
  2. b an organized secret system set up to help enslaved people escape from the South to freedom in the North or Canada
  3. c a law passed in 1820 that prohibited areas to have slaves. states above the Missouri Compromise line were free states and below were slave states.
  4. d was a United States senator who believed in states rights
  5. e a short name for the United States

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  1. in 1854 a law passed that said Kansas and Nebraska could decide if they wanted slave
  2. breaking away from the nation
  3. The 16th President the United States during the civil war
  4. states that were located between the Union and Confederacy that had slaves but wanted to stay with the Union
  5. California became a free state and the Fugitive Slave Law was passed

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  1. states' rightslaws to control the behavior of slaves and made it difficult for them.


  2. Fugitive Slave lawthis said that escaped slaves had to be returned to their owners


  3. Dred Scotta state where there is no slavery


  4. sectionalisma short name for the United States


  5. Harriet Beecher Stoweshe wrote a novel describing the cruelties of slavery called Uncle Tom's Cabin