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  1. Jefferson Davis
  2. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  3. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  4. slave state
  5. sectionalism
  1. a a loyalty to a section or part of the country rather than to a whole country
  2. b she wrote a novel describing the cruelties of slavery called Uncle Tom's Cabin
  3. c the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War
  4. d a state with slaves
  5. e in 1854 a law passed that said Kansas and Nebraska could decide if they wanted slave

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  1. led the Amistad rebellion on the ship called the Amistad
  2. laws to control the behavior of slaves and made it difficult for them.
  3. a war between people in the same country
  4. he protested that Nebraska should be split in two
  5. states that were located between the Union and Confederacy that had slaves but wanted to stay with the Union

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  1. Henry Claysenator who is know as great compromiser


  2. Uniona short name for the United States


  3. free statea state with slaves


  4. John Brownabolitionist who believed you could stop slavery be force. he was hung for raiding Harpers Ferry in Virginia


  5. Fugitive Slave lawa state where there is no slavery