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the spanish intoduce cattle
first started in late1500s
early ranchers use the open range
they would use it because they would use it to start ranching cattle for.
trail driving opens the catle market
it allowed for people from places like newyork to eat pure beef.
drovers follow major cattle trails
drovers are the people that walked with the cattle to one place to another.
life along the trrail drives
people think it was an easy job but it was the hardest ranching job their probbly was
big ranches bring big profits
more cattle = more money
mustangers catch wild horses
people that caught and trained wild horses.
the sheep industry booms
became an important part of ranching.
barbed wire ends the open range
in 1873 the wire was in alot of fences and separted a lot of cattle.
farming on the rise
farming became popular when trains would take the produce from the farm.
texans relay on king cotton
farmed in south texas.
the tenant system replaces slavery