Spanish 2 Chapter 5 Vocab 1

40 terms by sunsoaker96

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acabar de

to have just

acordarse de

(ue) to remember


to grab, to get

apagar la luz

to turn off the light

las luces

the lights


to get ready, to dress up


to brush

cerrar la puerta con llave

to lock the door (ie)

la llave


la crema


darse prisa

to hurry


to take a shower

el impermeable



to leave

el lápiz labial

lip stick

los lentes de contacto

contact lenses

No te preocupes

don't worry

el paraguas



to comb one's hair

pintarse las uñas

to paint one's nails (sadly this was the 1st image that came up......)


to put (something) on

ponerse nervioso

to get nervous


to worry


to pick up

Se nos hace tarde

it's getting late

Sólo me falta...

I just need to...


so long, so much

tardarse (en)

to take a long time (to), to be late

el teléfono celular

cell phone

¿Todavía no estás...?

aren't you... yet?


relax (a)

¡Ya voy!

i'm coming!

No, no puede encontrar...

No, i couldn't find...

Se me olvidó por completo.

i totally forgot

¿Te acordaste de...?

Did you remember to...?

¿Trajiste tu...?

did you bring your...?

¡Date prisa!

Hurry up!

¡siempre te tardes tanto en arreglarte!

You always take so long to get ready!


to put on makeup

Estoy listo.

i'm ready

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