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Holographic Will

A will that is completely handwritten

Noncupative Will

Term for an oral will; might be valid in only the most unusual circumstance (for example, where the testator was under the imminent danger of death)tape recording

Testamentary Capacity

A testator must be of sound mind and legal age

Living Will

A document in which a person directs his or her physician and/or health proxy to forgo certain extraordinary medical procedures if the person is dying or permanently unconscious


A document which gives the ability to revoke, alter, or revise the will


A device or mechanism that permits personal or real property to be held by one party, the trustee, for the benefit of another, the beneficiary


Manages personal or real property

Requisites of a Will

Must be 14 years of age or older, 2 credible witnesses

Requirement of Witness

Formal, printed, signed.

Undue Influence

Pressure applied to a testor

Living Wills

Sustaining or withdrawing life support


Any alterations such as erasures, words crossed out, or handwritten insertions


Revokes, alters, or revises a will

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