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Plug and Play devices

have drivers included in the Windows OS

Which of the following is NOT done during the boot process

Verifies the user's login name and password

Swapping files from virtual memory back to RAM is known as


Which of the following file extensions indicates a file created by a program in the Office 2007 suite?

All of the above

All of the above

Disk Cleanup

Which utility is NOT an accessibility utility?


The instructions required to start up the computer are stored in

the hard drive

The operating system uses RAM to

temporarily store instructions and data

When the operating system swaps out data from RAM and moves it to a swap file, the process is called


When a computer device is in need of immediate attention, it sends the OS a(n)

device driver

Which of the following statements about RAM is FALSE?

When there is not enough RAM, your computer borrows storage space from the hard drive

A swap file is stored


For fast access, temporary data is stored in

the interrupt

When a computer with an insufficient amount of RAM uses its virtual memory too often, it can cause

the computer to enter Safe Mode

The program that helps a device communicate with the operating system is called a(n)

swap file

If you purchase a used printer and the operating system is unable to recognize it, you should

check the manufacturer's Web site or a download site for the correct driver

Which of the following statements about Plug and Play is FALSE?

Plug and Play is a hardware and software standard

Which of the following is NOT a method used to display two windows at the same time?

tiling the windows

Used to control which part of the file is displayed, _______________ may be located at the side or bottom of a window

title bars

Which of the following, usually found on the Windows Vista desktop, allows easy access to various disk drives?


Clicking the Network icon

activates the Network Connection Wizard

_______________ is a convenient organization tool that enables you to keep all the documents you create in one place


Which of the following statements about the Windows search function is FALSE?

The Search feature is located by accessing the Start menu and clicking the Accessories folder

_______________ helps you manage your files and folders by showing the location and contents of every drive, folder, and file on your computer

Recycle Bin

In Windows Explorer, _______________ next to the folder name opens the folder

double-clicking the asterisk

Which of the following appears next to a folder in the left side of Windows Explorer if the folder is empty?


_______________ is a feature that allows you to preview the contents of a specific file without actually opening the file

Live Icons

The _______________ is the top level of a computer's hard drive filing structure

A: drive

When you are sorting files and folders, use _______________ view to get the most interactive view available


_______________ view displays files and folders as icons in list form


Which of the following statements about the Recycle Bin is FALSE?

Selecting Empty the Recycle Bin permanently deletes all the files contained in it

In the Windows operating system, the file type or file extension is

the beginning of a filename

Which of the following statements is NOT a correct file naming tip?

Remember that files within the same folder must have unique filenames

Receiving a nonsystem disk error message when an older computer is trying to start up probably means that

the hard drive has failed

ROM storage ________________ when the power is turned off

does not get erased

The startup system, also known as the _______________, performs a system check when a computer starts up


The kernel is called _______________ because it stays in RAM the entire time your computer is turned on

a system file

Which of the following statements about Safe Mode is FALSE?

During Safe Mode, the graphics driver operates only in four-color mode

Which of the following is NOT an essential device that will operate during Safe Mode?


If your computer boots into Safe Mode, the first action you should take to resolve the problem is to

reboot the computer

Which of the following occurs during the first step of the boot process?

The BIOS activates the graphics driver

Which of the following is NOT part of the boot process?

The BIOS is activated

The power-on self test will do all of the following EXCEPT

test memory chips

The BIOS is stored on the motherboard on a ________________ chip


The ________________ contains all the configurations used by the OS, such as display settings for your monitor


The boot process is the special process that occurs when you

start your computer

Which of the following statements about the kernel is TRUE?

The kernel is a part of ROM

Assuming that all steps are successfully completed, which of the following choices shows the correct order for the boot process?

CPU activates BIOS ® POST runs ® BIOS loads OS ® Registry configuration is checked ® Desktop appears

_______________ regroups related pieces of files together on the hard disk, optimizing the available storage space on the disk

Task Manager

To clean all unnecessary files from your hard drive, you can use

Disk Cleanup

Which of the following is NOT a method of accessing the Windows Task Manager?

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Today, screen savers are used

to save the images on the screen

Which of the following is a file compression utility?


Which of the following is NOT a system utility?

Disk Defragmenter

Which of the following is NOT true of temporary Internet files?

They make data readily available to your browser

Which of the following is TRUE for the Recycle Bin?

It is a system tool

Which of the following statements is NOT true about Scan Disk?

It recovers bad sectors

What is the name of the area where data transferred from the Internet is stored so it will be readily available?

hard drive

Which of the following tasks does NOT have to be done before running Disk Defragmenter?

restart computer

What happens when you delete a file from your computer?

It is moved to the Recycle Bin

Which of the following is NOT part of Disk Cleanup?

deleting temporary Internet files

Which of the following is NOT a wallpaper setting?


______________ accounts let each person customize his or her computer environment


What is a negative effect of stretching your wallpaper image?

It can affect the resolution of the image

Which option puts on the desktop a single wallpaper image that does not fill the desktop?


Which of the following is NOT a reason to create user accounts?

to limit installation of software

What is the program that starts after a period of computer inactivity?


Which is the option that controls your mouse settings?


Which option places a program permanently on the Start Menu?


What do you do to provide security and maintain your customized settings on a computer that is used by many people?

unplug the computer when you are not using it

Which of the following is the term for compressing a file?


Which of the following file types tends to compress better than the others?


What image file type has already been compressed?


Which of the following is NOT a reason to zip a file?

to archive a collection of files together

How can you identify zipped content?

by seeing it listed first in the Documents folder

How do you add files to an existing zipped archive in Windows Vista?

You change the file extension to ZIP

What must you do first when you are zipping files?

enter a name for the zipped folder

Which key do you use to select a group of contiguous files?

Scroll Lock

How do you keep a group of associated files together?

You create them in sequence

How do you sort files?

You right-click on the folder name

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of organizing files?

It increases the time to find files

Which is NOT something you do after you have created a file management system on your computer?

rename folders to be more meaningful

What is the purpose of the Recycle Bin?

to make copies of important files

What type of storage is provided by the hard drive?


Which of the following is NOT true about the anatomy of a hard drive?

Platters spin at a precise, constant speed of thousands of rpms

Formatting divides a disk into ______________


Which is NOT a true statement about disk fragmentation?

Data files are stored in pieces instead of together

Which of the following is NOT part of the hard disk anatomy?


Which of the following is NOT true about read/write heads?

They can reach every possible bit of data

What is rotational latency?

the time taken for the hard drive to reach full speed

Which of the following statements about fragmentation is FALSE?

It is the end result of deleting and saving files

When does fragmentation occur?

when files are deleted and saved

The operating system is __________ software


The __________ of the operating system is the features of the program that allow the user to communicate with the computer system


The __________ coordinates the flow of data and information through the computer system by coordinating the hardware, software, user interface, processor, and systems memory


Personal desktop computers use a __________ operating system

single-user, multitask

Which of the following was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computers?


PDAs can perform

many tasks by multiple users at a time

__________ is the leading OS software for mobile phones or smartphones

Palm OS

All of the following are multiuser operating systems EXCEPT


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