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literally means "earth writing"


new york city is divided into 5 ________.


You would expect to find the highest rate of population growth in _________.

influence of "friction of distance"

in distnace decay models, the slope of the decay function illustrates ____________________.


This projection places the North or South Poile at the center view.

hierarchial diffusion

The spread of rap music to L.A, Oakland, Chicago, and Detroit--without being absorbed by the smaller cities and rural areas is called __________.


the art and science of map-making


the green revolution is a part of slash and burn agriculture.

population pyramid

this shows the age and sex structure of a population

Pleistocene overkill theory

this theory argues that hunter-gatherers caused the extinction of many species aftger the end of the last ice age

material consumption

India argued that ____________ had extreme consequences for environmental quality


geographical research that applies only to one place or region is _________

2000 years

it took _______years for the Eurasian hunter-gatherers to reach the tip of south america after their initial arrival in alaska.


the demographic accounting equation computes future population as a function of current population:

Sector model of urbad development

This model of geography best describes the map on pg.298 in Barrons.


the angular distance east or west of Greenwich, England


the idea that our impressions and experiences of the world around us are filtered through the lens of our culture and our individual experiences, which critiques the sort of scientific, universalist grand theoriesoffered by modernists is called __________________

cultural syncretism

The religious practices of some native american groups combine elements both from their traditional religion and from Christianity. This is an example of a ________________

demographic transition model

the _____________________ posits that countries with high level of economic production will have lower birth rates

cultural extinction

Loss of inddigenous knowledge about ecosystems is an important consequence of _____________________


_______ maps work well for locating and navigating between places, while _____________ maps display one or more variable across a specific place.


___________ originated in northern India and then spread across central and southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Japan.

territorial organization

States with federal forms of governmetn must also have _______________

Europe and North America

In the world systems model, the core nations of the world are located mainly in _________________________________

cultural ecology

The study of the interaction between human cultures and natural ecosystems is called _____________________

a strong central government

_________ is NOT a potential cause of Balkaniztion

distance imposes a significant barrier to spatial interactions

in the distance decay function on pg. 301 of Barrons, ___________________________________


Language extinctions could be several thousand over the next century


__________ involves the economic and political domination of one state by another, while ______________ includes official, institutionalized government rule.

political unrest and ecological degradation

Sources of forced migration include ___________________________________________________


In a 1995 plebiscite, the Canadian province of Quebec sought _____________

environmental racism

The disproportinate siting of power plants and waste disposal facilities in African-American and Latino neighborhoods---independent of other economic and historical factors---is an example of ____________

they consume more resources

advanced economic countries, like the U.S., may produce more pollution than less economically adavanced countries because _____________________________________.


the angular distance north or south of the equator

primary economic activities

__________________ involve the direct extraction of harvest of natural resources

food production.....population

According to Thomas Malthus, ________________ grows arithmetically, but ________________ grows geometrically.

increased dramatically

Since 1960, the difference between per capita GRoos National Products of the world's wealthiest countries and the world's poorest countries has _________________________

inversely related

In the gravity model of spatial interaction, population and distance are ___________________________

southern Appalachia and the lower Mississippi Valley

Core-periphery patterns exist within countries as well as among them. In the U.S., economic peripheries include _________________


Agricultural techniques developed in the temperate latitudes are frequently inappropriate for wet tropical climates because rainforest soils tend to be ______________________

shading and coloring

All choropleth maps use _______________________

fertile river valleys

Hearths of early Eurasian agriculture were generally located in ___________________________

Net National Product

The aggregate measure of economic development that accounts for the depreciation of capital and natural resources is called the _____________________


the ____________ are an example of an ethnic group that has historial homelands spanning many national borders.

Tyson's Corner, Virgina

__________ is an example of an edge city.

China, India, Turkey, and Mexico

Gearth regions of early agriculture included present-day ________________________________________________

Von Thunen's model of rural land use

_________________________ is based on the land values decrease farther from the urban center

the city Beautiful movement

Washington D.C.'s Licoln Memorial and Mall, with their dramatic neoclassical architecture and symbolic refrences to democracy and poppulism, are associated with _______________________

central place theory

The theory that explains organization of urban areas, based on their functions and the goods and services they offer, is called _________________

balm climate

The city of SAn Fransico is known for its ________________________

the north/south divide

the geographic differentation between the colonizing countries of Europe, North America, and eastern Asia and the colonized states of Africa and South America has been called _______________________


What city's dense urban core became "the birthplace of the skyscraper"?

New Guinea

The greatest concentration of linguistic diversity on earth is in ______________________.


By 2020, most of the world's biggest cities will be located in ________

IStanbul, Turkey

___________ is strategically located on the border between two continents, and at the intersection of many cultures and religions.

Cartographic scale

__________________________ refers to the relation between a distance on a map and distance on the ground.

Eurasian diseases

___________ is most responsible for the dramtic demographic collapse of Native Americans during the Colonial Period.

Primate Cities

__________________ are those that are disproportionately larger than other cities in a nation.


The term _____________ decribes a group of people with a common ethnic identity taht is spread out over a large geographic area.

versatile and aesthetically pleasing

The NAtional Geographic Society uses the Robinson projection for many of its maps because it is ____________________________________


_________________ does NOT qualify as a Protestant denomination.


During the 1980s an 1990s, Santa Monica, California, became significantly wealthier and more expensive. Tjis process is referred to as ______________

The Great Lakes

___________________________ experienced rapid industrial growth during the early 20th century, followed by a severe decline and difficult period of economic readjustment.

Mexico City, Mexico

____________________ qualifies as a primate city.

thematic layers

Geographic information systems use ________________ to display multiple spatial data sets.

break-of-bulk points

Sites where goods are transferred for continued shipping is called ___________________________.


The process by which one ethnic group becomes integrated into a larger culture is called __________________.

dependency ratio

The __________________ will increase over the next decade, as baby boomers reach old age and are no longer able tp work and provide for themselves.

natural increase

When the crude birht rate is higher than the crude deasth rate, the difference between the two is called the __________________.

cognitive maps

Maps like the one shown on pg 310 Barrons is referred to as _________________________

high mass consumption

In Rostow's stages of development model, economic maturity is characterized by_________________________

Most americans consider environmental issues to be important.

According to public opinion polls, more than 80% of Americans consider them selves "environmentalists". What can you logically conclude from this information?


Asians from a variety of countries are moving to the U.S.

Religious fundamentalism

____________________________ appears to be on the rise in many parts of the world.


Economies are less developed, they rarely suffer from significant pollution.

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