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  1. Right-to-work state
  2. Break-of-bulk point
  3. Dispersed rural settlement
  4. Central Place
  5. Rank-size rule
  1. a A location where transfer is possible from one mode of transportation to another.
  2. b A rural settlement pattern characterized by isolated farms rather than clustered villages.
  3. c A pattern of settlements in a country, such that the nth largest settlement is 1/n the population of the largest settlement.
  4. d A U.S. state that has passed a law preventing a union and company from negotiating a contract that requires workers to join a union as a condition of employment.
  5. e A market center for the exchange of services by people attracted from the surrounding area.

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  1. The process of consolidating small landholdings into a smaller number of larger farms in England during the eighteenth century.
  2. Location factors related to the transportation of materials into and from a factory.
  3. Industries that sell their products or services primarily to consumers outside the settlement.
  4. A community's collection of basic industries.
  5. Services that provide for the well-being and personal improvement of individual consumers

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  1. Transportation and information servicesServices that primarily help people conduct business.


  2. Gravity modelA group of neighboring countries that promote trade with each other and erect barriers to limit trade with other blocs


  3. Central Business DistrictThe area of the city where retail and office activities are clustered.


  4. Fordist productionAdoption by companies of flexible work rules, such as the allocation of workers to teams that perform a variety of tasks.


  5. RangeAn activity that fulfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it.


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