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flowing, as with wealth and riches; prosperous; a flowing stream, as a tribuatry


a coming or flowing together, as of rivers or ideas; a place of joining


to perplex, confuse, amaze, or bewilder


pouring forth in an emotional way; unrestrained or overly demonstrative


one's special area of accomplishment or performance; one's strong point


to make stronger; to strengthen; to establish defenses, as against an oncoming enemy


strength of a character; patient courage, as during a long struggle


to associate or socialize in a brotherly fashion; to be friendly with


the killing of one's own brother; someone who commits such an act


as if flowing with honey or sweetness; like the tones of a honeyed voice


a pouring forth, as of great numbers; plentifulness; an abundance


(flowing) beyond what is needed; in excess of a sufficiency

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