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development of life from preexisting life


a virus or organism that can cause disease


A unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and membrane bound organelles


archaea that live in extreme environments


autotrophs that use light to create energy


outer protein coat of a virus

gram positive

bacteria that have simpler walls with a relatively large amount of peptidoglycan (purple)

gram negative

bacteria that have less peptidoglycan and are structurally more complex (pink)

binary fission

the division of a prokaryotic cell into two offspring cells

Nitrogen fixation

process by which certain bacteria convert nitrogen gas to ammonia


In bacteria, the direct transfer of DNA between two cells that are temporarily joined.


a thick-walled protective spore that forms inside a bacterial cell and resists harsh conditions


virus that contains RNA as its genetic information


viruses that infect bacteria

lytic cycle

cycle of viral infection; results in replication of virus and cell destruction


uses bacteria to break down pollutants


symbiotic relationship where one partner benefits & the other is unaffected

reverse transcriptase

an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of DNA from an RNA template

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