20 terms

Early Years of Statehood

edge of a settled area
Big Tree Treaty
gave nearly all their land more (4,000 sq miles) to the company for 100,000, agreement in which the Senecas sold nearly all their land to the Holland Land Company
War of 1812
a war (1812-1814) between the United States and England which was trying to interfere with American trade with France
Treaty of Ghent
Ended the war with great Britian in 1812
Red Jacket
Seneca leader who did not want to sell the land west of the Genesee River to the Holland Land Company
Mary Jemison
Settler in Genesee River Valley after American Revolution, captured by Indian tribe as a teenager, chose to remain with them
Nathaniel Rochester
Founder of the settlement of Rochester in 1803/Genesse Rivedr
waterway built across land
water elevator that moves boats with a canal to higher or lower levels
small fee people pay to use a canal or bridge
Robert Fulton
inventor of steam boat
De Witt Clinton
planned the Erie Canal Mayor of NY
diagram that shows information in a picture
business that makes one kind of good or provides one kind of service
method of scraping and soaking animal skins to make leather
Industrial Revolution
change starting in the 1800's power driven machines replace hand tools
business where goods are made are made with large machines
painting that shows a view of the outdoors
person who comes to a new country to live
lack of food in a place; time of starving