Muscle and Nervous tissue.

Muscle tissue
Made up of elongated muscle fibers, fibers that contract in response to stimuli.
Skeletal Muscle
Found in muscles that attach to bone and are controlled by concious effort.
Skeletal Muscle
Each cell has alternating dark and light lines. (striations) and several nuclei near membrane.
Skeletal Muslce
Moves head, trunk, and limbs, allows us to make facial expressions, write, talk, chew, swallow, etc.
Smooth Muscle
Do not have striations, shorter than skeletal.
Smooth Muscle
Actions are involuntary, such as digestion.
Smooth Muscle
Have one central nucleus, cells make up the walls of internal organs.
Cardiac Muscle
Only found in the heart.
Cardiac Muscle
Cells are striated and branched, each has a single nucleus.
Cardiac Muslce
Functions in voluntrily
Nervous Tissue
Found in the brain, spinal chord, and peripheal nerves.
Nervous Tissue
Made up of neurons and neurological cells.
Sense change in the surrondings and send nerve inpulses throughout the body.
Nuerologlial cells
Support/bind parts of nervous tissue. (also carry on phagocytosis,connect nueron to blood vessels)
Serous Membrane
Lines body cavities that don't open to outside (thorax, abdominal)
Mucuous Membrane
Lines cavities that open to the outside (oral, nasal, dig, resp, urinary.) Consists of epithelium and a layer of loose connective tissue.
the skin.