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An electrical signal's Level is typically represented as it's....


Line level is _________ mv


This is a console type that has the input and the monitor controls not he same fader strip.


This injects .5 dB noise into the signal to reduce quantization errors.


This is the process that injects ultra-high frequencies into a signal to increase the overall flux imprinted on magnetic tape.


This is a device that contains a resistor that is used to vary the output of a circuit r transport (alters the circuits potential)


The is the transfer of recorded signal from one layer of tape to adjacent layer by means of induction.


This is most commonly accepted means of encoding digital audio data so it can be stored within a digital medium with a maximum degree of data density.

PCM, or Pulse code modulation

What are the four basic layers of a CD?

Plastic Substrate, Reflective Layer, Protective Layer, Label

What type of fx are commonly routed in Pro Tools using Sends?

Time-based fx such as delays and reverbs

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