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  1. Detente
  2. Pentagon Papers
  3. War Powers Act
  4. Sam Ervin
  5. Gerald Ford
  1. a nixon-ford-kissinger policy of seeking relaxe tensions with the soviet union through trade and arms limitation
  2. b the law, passed in reaction to the secret cambodia bombing, that restricted presidential use of troops overseas without congressional authorization
  3. c top-secret documents, published by the new york times in 1971, that showed the blunders and deceptions that led the united states into the vietnam war
  4. d north carolina senator who condudcted the watergate hearings
  5. e the first appointed vice president and first appointed president of the united states

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  1. arab-sponsored restriction on energy exports after the 1973 arab-israeli war
  2. talented diplomatic negotiator and leading architect of detente with the soviet union during the nixon and ford administrations
  3. south dakota senator whose antiwar campaign was swamped bynixon
  4. two historic sites seized by american indian activists in 1970-1972 to draw public attention to indian grievances
  5. former georgia governor whose presidency was plagued by economic difficulties and a crisis in iran

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  1. Richard Nixonwinner of an overwhelming electoral victory who was forced from office by th threat of impeachment


  2. Anwar Sadatcalifornia medical school applicant whose case led a divided supreme court to uphold limited forms of affirmative action for minorities


  3. Spiro Agnewsupreme court justice whose "judicial activism" came under increasing attack by conservatives


  4. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeinithe muslim religious leader who dominated the 1979 iranian revolution


  5. Vietnamizationwinner of an overwhelming electoral victory who was forced from office by th threat of impeachment