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  1. Gerald Ford
  2. Watergate Complex
  3. John Dean
  4. Detente
  5. Daniel Ellsberg
  1. a former pentagon official who "leaked" the pentagon papers
  2. b the first appointed vice president and first appointed president of the united states
  3. c a washington office complex that became a symbol of the widespread corruption of the nixon administration
  4. d nixon-ford-kissinger policy of seeking relaxe tensions with the soviet union through trade and arms limitation
  5. e white house lawyer whose dramatic charges against nixon were validated by the watergate tapes

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  1. two historic sites seized by american indian activists in 1970-1972 to draw public attention to indian grievances
  2. provision of the 1972 education amendments that prohibited gender discrimination and opened sports and other arenas to women
  3. the ohio university where four students were killed during protests against the 1970 invasion of cambodia
  4. talented diplomatic negotiator and leading architect of detente with the soviet union during the nixon and ford administrations
  5. nixon's tough-talking conservative vice president, who was forced to resign in 1973 for taking bribes and kickbacks

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  1. Roe vs. Wadesupreme court justice whose "judicial activism" came under increasing attack by conservatives


  2. Anwar Sadatcalifornia medical school applicant whose case led a divided supreme court to uphold limited forms of affirmative action for minorities


  3. Allen Bakkeegyptian leader who signed the camp david accords with israel


  4. Shah of Irannorth carolina senator who condudcted the watergate hearings


  5. Vietnamizationnixon's policy of withdrawing american troops from vietnam while providing aid for the south vietnamese to fight the war