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asexual, individual from unfertilized egg

jointed appendages

their legs like a grass hopper

tracheal tubes

branching network of air passage


holes in the thorax and abdomen allow air in and out

book lungs

air-filled chambers contain leaf like plates

malphigian tubules

territorial arthropods excrete wastes through


most have two body regions with 4 pairs of walking legs, spin silk, some spread disease
ex. spider scorpions, mites, ticks


most are aquatic, have gills, typically have 2 body segments(green gland regulates salt in body)
ex. crabs, lobsters, barnacle, water fleas


carnivores, flattened wormlike, 2 pair of legs per body segment


herbivores, cylindrical worm, 2 legs per body segment

horseshoe crabs

living fossils, unchanged for millions of years


most successful, 3 body segments, 3 pairs of walking legs

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