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Total Patient Management Services


code for symptoms only

Coding of Medical Procedures

adhere to ethical standards and legal practices. chart documentation must support the chart, maintain coding skills through CEUs and networking.

Proof of posting

D- patient's previous balance
A- added to the charges
B- payments and adjustments
C- New Balance
example: D+ A - B - C
12 + 5 - 2 =13
2 + 7 - 1 = 8
12 + 12 - 3 =21

CPT codes

have 5 digits and may have two-digit modifiers

When coding a diagnosis, go first to:

Volume II of ICD-9-CM

Level II of HCPCS:

provides codes to enable the provider to report nonprovider services

The ICD-9-CM codes

code every disease, illness, condition, injury, and cause of injury known

Most insurance carriers accept which form

CMS-1500 (08-05)

Claim registers are used to

monitor claims that have been sent to insurance companies for process

Information to be included in the CARRIER section of the CMS-1500 (08-05) insurance claim form includes all of the following except

the patient's name

Information to be included in the PATIENT and INSURED section of the CMS-1500(08-05) insurance form includes all of the following except

NPI number of the billing provider


irregular mentstrual cycle (ICD-9, 626.4)
Biopsy, soft tissue of neck (CPT, 21550)
Dissection of renal artery (ICD-9, 443.23)
Adenitis, lymph gland, except mesenteric (ICD-9, 289.3
Thyroid hormone (T3orT4) uptake (CPT, 84479)
Hearing aid examination and secetion; monaural (CPT, 92590)

The debit column of a ledger is

the column on the left; used to enter charges, procedure codes, and description of services

The use of debit/credit cards by patients to pay for service in ambulatory care settings is

a financial arrangement increasingly being used

The first section of the manual day sheet is used

to post individual transactions

Good working habits for bookkeeping functions include

keeping the bookkeeping tasks current and up to date

Petty cash

pays for routine and unexpected minor expenses of the clinic

Encounter forms

can be ordered to fit the practice and list common services provided, procedural code, and diagnosis code.


are not given unless services are rendered the same day

When accepting checks from patients

inspect for correct date, amount, and signature plus, immediately stamp with a restrictive endorsement


pays everything


debit, credit, and balance


giving a higher CPT code/ to make more money for charges


lowering the CPT range (favors, friends, family)


multiple CPT codes, combining into one inclusive code


scans your insurance card for services such as getting into medical records of patients

Cancer patience admit

asking v-code or e-code


in the natural original postion or place for example the cancer is confined to the breat duct


This code system is important because it helps standardized the terminology used in medical documentation. EHR Management

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