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A computer interprets every signal as either "on" or "off", using numbers known as ____.

b. binary digits (bits)

The design and construction of the hardware of a particular computer is referred to as its ____.

b. configuration or architecture

____ is a program that tracks a computer user's Internet usage and sends this data back to the company or person who created it, without the user's knowledge.


Computers are capable of _______--starting and running more than one program at a time.


What do you call a named collection of data stored on a disk?


The path between microprocessor, RAM, and peripherals is called the ____.

data bus

The rules that establish an orderly transfer of data between sender and receiver are called ____.


A monitor is a(n) ____ device.


The computer term GB stands for _________.


Your computer needs ____ devices to accomplish input and output functions.


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