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The Silk Road


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During the Han Dynasty who were the people who threatened China from the North?
the Huns
What was Zhang Qian called and why?
Father of the Silk Road because he brought back word of western cultures
Why did China want horses from Central Asia?
They were larger and more powerful
Why was silk valuable in the West?
The Chinese were the only ones who knew how to make it
What was an important Roman product that was traded along the Silk Road and brought to China?
What was a good reason for taking the northern route of the Silk Road?
Oases were closer together
What was a good reason why traders formed long caravans to cross the desert?
to protect each other
What animals carried goods on the Western Silk Road?
Which part of the Silk Road exposed travelers to lack of oxygen?
the Pamir Mountains
Why did the Western Silk Road end at Mediterranean ports like Antioch?
goods could be loaded onto ships there and taken to other lands
What was the Roman emperor concerned about when he told the Romans not to wear silk?
He worried that buying silk was taking too much of the empire's gold
What is an example of cultural diffusion?
Europeans learned some Chinese manufacturing methods
How did the Silk Road affect the spread of Buddhism?
Travelers carried Buddhist beliefs from India to China
What did some Chinese Buddhists learn about their religion when they crossed Central Asia?
sacred texts from India
What is a reason that Kashgar became a major trading center?
Because several different routes came together there
What two cities did the Great Wall offer protection to the travelers?
Chang'an and Dunhuang