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  1. immunity
  2. field epidemiology
  3. granulocytes
  4. leukocidins
  5. incidence rates
  1. a cells with granules inside the cytoplasmic matrix
  2. b the number of new cases of a disease acquired in a specific period of time
  3. c investigate disease outbreaks
  4. d proteins toxic to white blood cells
  5. e the ability of the body to specifically counteract foreign organisms such as viruses, bacteria and toxins

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  1. indirect transmission by contaminated inanimate objects, substance or bodily fluids
  2. the number of individuals affected by a disease during a set period of time divided by the total population
  3. herpes simplex type 1
  4. phithirus pubis
  5. a clumping of bacteria or red cells when held together by antibodies

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  1. allergenssubstance that stimulates an allergy/allergic reaction


  2. xenopsylla/rat fleatime it takes once cell to divide via binary fission


  3. arthropodinvertebrate animals


  4. opsonizationprocess whereby opsonins make an invading microorganism more susceptible to phagocytosis


  5. TLRtoll-like receptors