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  1. tears/lacrimal fluid
  2. elephantiasis
  3. chronic carriers
  4. respiratory nuclei
  5. epidemiology
  1. a caused by filarial worm via lymphatic filariasis, brugia malayi, or brugia timori
  2. b contains large amounts of lysozyme, lactoferrin, and secretory immunoglobulin A
  3. c study of factors and mechanisms involved in the frequency and spread of diseases and other health-related problems
  4. d small respiratory droplets
  5. e people who are infected with a pathogen but do not become sick for months or years

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  1. people who are infected with a pathogen but appear healthy; will get sick soon
  2. vertebrate
  3. Includes the tonsils, adenoids, and Peyer's patches
  4. physical touch between individuals
  5. make antibodies, reach maturity in bone marrow

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  1. old world sandflyherpes simplex type 1


  2. langerhans cellsspecialized dendritic cells


  3. asymptomatic carriersthose who are infected but not sick


  4. arthropodproteins produced by cells of immune system, specifically B cells


  5. sandflyfeeds on blood, causes leishmaniasis via leishmania