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  1. zoonosis
  2. large intestines
  3. head louse
  4. granulocytes
  5. biting vectors
  1. a penetrate the skin and inject saliva/defecate/regurgitate pathogen directly into the blood
  2. b pediculus humanus captitis
  3. c disease spread from animals to humans
  4. d cells with granules inside the cytoplasmic matrix
  5. e normal gastrointestinal microbiota

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  1. act on small, phagocytosable, intracellular pathogens; stimulates an inflammatory response
  2. bird flu
  3. T cells found in the epidermis of the skin
  4. the number of new cases of a disease acquired in a specific period of time
  5. small respiratory droplets

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  1. TH3important in mucosal immunity; inhibits the action of TH1 and TH2; anti-inflammatory


  2. MHCmajor histocompatibility complex


  3. warmthcorona virus in bats and pigs


  4. incubatory carrierspeople who are infected with a pathogen but appear healthy; will get sick soon


  5. surveillance epidemiologytracks and seeks to eliminate epidemic diseases


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