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  1. elephantiasis
  2. transients/transient flora
  3. beta-lysin
  4. plague
  5. superficial wounds
  1. a caused by filarial worm via lymphatic filariasis, brugia malayi, or brugia timori
  2. b come and go in short irregular intervals
  3. c released by blood platelets; kills
    gram positive bacteria
  4. d yersinia pestis in rats
  5. e nicks, abrasions, lacerations

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  1. form of indirect transmission
  2. process for purification of antigens using antibody linkage and precipitation by mass
  3. results from the amplification of cases due to person-to-person contact
  4. Sweat
  5. also called nonspecific immunity

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  1. Cationic/defensinsPresent in saliva, tears, colostrum,
    breast milk, released by macrophages and PMN in the mucosa, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses


  2. Mucociliary/respiratory elevatorconstantly sweeps foreign particles up and out of the lungs


  3. mitessmaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult


  4. avian/bird fluh5n3 influenza in wild and domestic birds


  5. Intraepidermal lymphocytesbreach of the barrier provided by the skin