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  1. fecal-oral route
  2. vectors
  3. zoonosis
  4. Genetic defenses
  5. regulatory t cells
  1. a living organisms that transmit diseases to humans, important to the spread of zoonotic diseases
  2. b also known as suppressor T cells
  3. c disease spread from animals to humans
  4. d decrease susceptibility to certain diseases; protects individuals from constantly succumbing to disease
  5. e infected feces of one host enters a new host via ingestion either by direct contact with feces or fomites, or by ingestion of contaminated food or water

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  1. instruments are introduced into the abdominal cavity
  2. have 3 pairs of legs
  3. occur when the incidence of the disease suddenly becomes higher than normal
  4. antibodies react with molecules at viral surface to prevent virus from attaching to cells
  5. bacillus anthracis in cattle

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  1. rabiesrhabdovirus


  2. opsonizationprocess whereby opsonins make an invading microorganism more susceptible to phagocytosis


  3. Gut-associated lymphoid tissueT cells found in the epidermis of the skin


  4. anopheles mosquitoproduces histamine


  5. culexsmaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult