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  1. tetanus
  2. basophils
  3. extravasation
  4. epidemics
  5. louse/lice
  1. a clostridium tetani
  2. b have mouth parts for sucking, have legs with claws, causes epidemic typhus via rickettsia prowazekii or epidemic relapsing fever via borrelia recurrentis
  3. c movement of cells out of blood vessels
  4. d produces histamine
  5. e occur when the incidence of the disease suddenly becomes higher than normal

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  1. causes endemic typhus/murine typhus via rickettsia typhi or bubonic plague via yersinia pesti
  2. spread/transfer of pathogen from one organism to another
  3. phagocytic white blood cells, inflammation, fever
  4. causes scrub typhus via orientia tsutsugamushi/rickettsia tsutsugamushi
  5. nicks, abrasions, lacerations

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  1. black flyfeeds on blood, causes leishmaniasis via leishmania


  2. Coughinglargest organ of the body


  3. SneezingCiliary motion of nasal and respiratory epithelial cells trigger the forceful expulsion of microbes from the lungs


  4. NK cellssmaller than ticks, 6 legs in larval stage, 8 legs as an adult


  5. SwallowingSaliva flushes bacteria into stomach where they are destroyed by gastric acids