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  1. sars
  2. cold sores
  3. antigens
  4. reduviid bug
  5. regulatory t cells
  1. a kissing bug/triatoma, causes chagas' disease/american trypanosomiasis via trypanosoma cruzi
  2. b herpes simplex type 1
  3. c foreign substance, antibody generating molecules
  4. d corona virus in bats and pigs
  5. e also known as suppressor T cells

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  1. Present in saliva, tears, colostrum,
    breast milk, released by macrophages and PMN in the mucosa, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses
  2. living organisms that transmit diseases to humans, important to the spread of zoonotic diseases
  3. causes endemic typhus/murine typhus via rickettsia typhi or bubonic plague via yersinia pesti
  4. kill tumor cells and virally infected host cells, develop in thymus
  5. hypertonic environment severely discourages microbial growth

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  1. inflammationIs a response to cell damage


  2. direct contactindividuals contract pathogen via fomites or vectors


  3. fevercauses west nile fever via west nile virus from wild birds


  4. leukocidinsproteins produced by cells of immune system, specifically B cells


  5. second line of defensephagocytic white blood cells, inflammation, fever


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