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  1. Bronchoscopy
  2. incidence rates
  3. fomite
  4. vaccinations
  5. immunology
  1. a a prophylactic measure to prevent disease; boosts the immune response so that disease is either not seen or is mild
  2. b instruments are introduced into the respiratory tract
  3. c study of all aspects of a host's defense against infection
  4. d the number of new cases of a disease acquired in a specific period of time
  5. e any inanimate object that can be used to spread disease

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  1. have 3 pairs of legs
  2. also called acquired or specific immunity, third line of defense
  3. spread of microbes within the body
  4. lutzomyia
  5. cells with granules inside the cytoplasmic matrix

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  1. LactoperoxidaseThese are toxic proteins made and secreted by bacteria to kill related strains of bacteria


  2. leptotrombidium/chigger mitethe number of individuals affected by a disease during a set period of time divided by the total population


  3. Mucusmajor histocompatibility complex


  4. droplet transmissionspread of microbes within the body


  5. tears/lacrimal fluidcontains large amounts of lysozyme, lactoferrin, and secretory immunoglobulin A