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  1. filarial worm
  2. incubatory carriers
  3. prostatic antibacterial factor
  4. leukocidins
  5. specific/adaptive immunity
  1. a secreted by the male prostate gland
  2. b separated in antibody mediated immunity and cell-mediated immunity, has memory, composed of leukocytes
  3. c proteins toxic to white blood cells
  4. d people who are infected with a pathogen but appear healthy; will get sick soon
  5. e wuchereria bancrofti

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  1. can not be treated with antibiotics
  2. mucociliary blanket of the respiratory epithelium traps irritants in the mucous layer and moves them to the back of mouth to be expelled or swallowed
  3. bacteria and fungal spores
  4. act on small, phagocytosable, intracellular pathogens; stimulates an inflammatory response
  5. macrophages stationed in the lungs that phagocytize and kill microbes

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  1. regulatory t cellssmall respiratory droplets


  2. body lousepediculus humanus captitis


  3. large intestinesnormal gastrointestinal microbiota


  4. neutralizationIs a response to cell damage


  5. old world sandflyplebotomus