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  1. bacteriocins
  2. cytotoxic t cells
  3. sars
  4. black fly
  5. tears/lacrimal fluid
  1. a stimulium/gnat, blood sucking, causes onchocerciasis via onchocerca
  2. b These are toxic proteins made and secreted by bacteria to kill related strains of bacteria
  3. c corona virus in bats and pigs
  4. d contains large amounts of lysozyme, lactoferrin, and secretory immunoglobulin A
  5. e also called killer T cells

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  1. investigate the source of noscomial infections
  2. epidemics that occur in many geographical locations throughout the world
  3. derived from monocytes, phagocytic cells, phagocytize foreign agents
  4. surface skin cells
  5. process for purification of antigens using antibody linkage and precipitation by mass

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  1. small, blood-sucking arachnidsmites, ticks


  2. Mucuscorona virus in bats and pigs


  3. macrophagesderived from monocytes, large phagocytic leukocytes/phagocytes, found circulating in blood and tissues


  4. MHClocal swelling, dilutes toxins


  5. houseflymusca domestica