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congress fo Vienna

representatives from the european powers (britian, austria, prussia and russia) met in 1815 at the congress of Vienna to resolve territorial and political uses caused by napoleon's conquest and reorganization of europe


are extreme conservative who not only oppose change but also want to undo certain changes


or the desire for self rule amoung of a poeple wlth the same culture and history for, was the most successful popitical force of the 19th century


this political ideology was founded on the belief in represntative government the protection of indivdual right and the rule of law

age of metterich

1815-1840s european monarchs worked to reestablish absolute rule and undo the freedoms won during the french revolution

why did the reactionary powers in europe consider nationalism a dangerous threat that had to be stopped

reactionaries didn't want nationalist groups to be able to form their own nation states because the monarchs power would be weakened and the balance of power disrupted

why did austrian prince metternich fear liberalisms and what did he do to stop it

whereas liberals believed in indivial right and the rule of law, Metternich believed in suppressing such ideas as freedom of speech and of the press. to preserve absolutisms, metternich set up an investigating commission to spy on revoltutionary organiztioins

how did bismarck act to undermine the power of prussia's parliament?

when parliament refused to appove money for a militaryre buildip, Bismarck simply collected the taxes without their approval, which was against the prussian constitution

wha did bismarck do in order to get france to declare war on prussia in 1870

Bismarck edited a telegram sent to King Wilhelm I making it sound as though he were insultingn the French ambassador


upper house fo the german leigislature, consisted of appointed members from the aristocracy


the lwoer house ofthe germna leigislaure had very limited powers

why did Bismarch's anti catholic program Kulturkampf, end in failure

anit bismarkc poltical parties such as the centre party grew in size and non catholics began to oppose the Kulturkamf policies; since bismarsk needed support of the centre party against sociaists; he was forced to waken policy until it failed

what excuse did bismarck use to begin a widespread campaign agianst socialists and thier ideas

Bismark took advantage of two assassination attempts on Wilhem I to blame the socialist and create a series of anti socialist laws

wilhelm II

was the kaiser (emperoer) who led germanyi n becoming of the world's greatest military economic powers in the alt 1800s

why did Bismarck resent willhelm (William) II

bismarck resented the way wilhelm II reduced powers that he had exercised effectively for years; he also resented Wilhelm II's involvement in political affairs thta had been under his control

list two ways in which Wiohelm II expanded Germany's influence in the world during his reign

he increased the size and strength of the german army
he expanded germany's navy
he signed new agreement with neighboring nations


a ruelr who hold absolute power

pan slavism

is the name for unity of all slavic peoples under russian leadership


riots inh which jews were massacred in russia in the 1880s-1900s were known as

although empires had controlled other countries before the 1800s, what was new about his system of imperialism

It was the strenght of modern nations


are colonies in which the native rulers keep their titles, but officals of the foreign power actually control the region

spheres of influece

are areas in which one country has a special interest, which other nations agree to respect

why di tiny island become valuable nad importaint

strateegically located tiny island were considered important because they served as coaling station and or naval bases for navies of the imperial powers

how did rudyard Kipling's poem "the white man's burden" summarize the way that many europeans feel about non western peoples

many europeans thought that non western people were primitive- half devil and half child. These wrong ideas caused europeans to change the way of life for countless peoples, in an atttempt to help or improve the non western peple

list three goals of missionaries during the age of imperilaism

ot convert poeple to chirstianity
build schools and teach in them
establish and operate hospitals

Winston Churchill

Britian's prime minister during World War II, is generally considered to be one of Britian's greatest leaders

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