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Common Household Acids

citric acid (oranges, lemons), carbonic acid (soda pop), acidic acid (vinegar), phosphoric acid (soda pop), tannic acid (tea), lactic acid (milk)

Common Household Bases

ammonia (cleaners), calcium hydroxide (Tums), sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Properties of Acids

aqueous solutions taste sour, change colors of indicators, react with group one and two metals to produce hydrogen, react with bases to produce a salt and water, conduct electricity

Common Industrial Acids

sulfuric acid (fertilizers), nitric acid (explosives), phosphoric acid (fertilizer, soda), hydrochloric acid, acetic acid (vinegar, food)

Properties of Bases

aqueous solutions taste bitter, causes indicators to change colors, aqueous solutions are slippery, react with acids to produce water and a salt, conducts electricity,

Arrhenius Acid

a chemical compound that increases the concentration of H+ ions in aqueous solutions

Arrhenius Base

a chemical compound that increases the concentration of OH- ions in aqueous solution

Hydronium Ion

H3O+ (is found when H+ is separated in water)

Strong Acid

completely ionizes in water

weak acid

releases few hydronium ions

Strong bases

strong electrolytes and completely dissociates (grp 1 and 2 metals)

Bronsted-Lowry Acids

a molecule or ion that is a proton donor

Bronsted-Lowry Base

a molecule or ion that is a proton acceptor

Neutralization Reaction

acid+base yields salt+water (net ionic equation is H3O+ + OH- yields 2H2O

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