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(adj.) noisy in a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicuous especially in an unfavorable sense
Syn: flagrant, glaring, egregious, disagreeable loud
Ant: inconsequential, trifling, piddling, petty


(n.) an expert; one who is well qualified to pass critical judgments, especially in one of the fine arts
Syn: authority, savant, pundit
Ant: ignoramus, philistine, yahoo


(adj.) unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the future
Syn: unpropitious, unpromising, untimely
Ant: propitious, favorable


(adj.) suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occurring at an appropriate time
Syn: timely, appropriate, felicitous
Ant: untimely, inconvenient, inappropriate


(adj.) abundantly productive; abundant profuse
Syn: fruitful fecund proliferous
Ant: barren, unproductive, sterile, sparse


(v.) to scold sharply
Syn: chide, rebuke, reprove, reprimand
Ant:praise, compliment, pat on the back


(v.) to expand on, write or talk at length or in detail; to move about freely
Syn: elaborate, enlarge, descant, wander, roam
Ant:sketch roughly, summarize, condense, adumbrate


(adj.) coming from the outside, foreign; present but not essential, irrelevant
Syn: incidental, extrinsic
Ant: intrinsic, relevant, pertinent, germane


(adj.) showing unusually early development (especially in talents and mental capacity)
Syn: forward, gifted, advanced
Ant: backward, retarded, slow


(v.) to beg earnestly and humbly
Syn: plead, petition, implore, entreat

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