History Alive US Industrialism Ch19-20

12 terms by nattard97

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North's Climate

short cool summers and bitterly cold winters

North's Natural Features

jagged coast line, rocky soil, steep streams, rolling hillls

South's Climate

mild winters and long hot summers

South's Natural Features

Wide coastal plains, swamps and marshes ideal for growing rice, tobacco and sugar

Economy of the South

cotton and cotton gin (use of slaves: economically viable, no way to abolish it in a way that was economically and socially acceptable), cotton and cotton gin (use of slaves: economically viable, no way to abolish it in a way that was economically and socially acceptable)

Economy of the north

based on farming, fishing, merchandising, banking, and shipping using free labor

Growth of Industry

early 1800's when businessmen learned to use machinery to make goods faster and cheaper

Transportation in the North

many railroads, fast ships, better roads, rivers

Transportation in the south

roads were very poor and rivers were the primary mode of transportation(this had a lot to do with the creation of family plots)

Society of the South

based on family status (nobles) and land ownership, strict social classes

Society of the North

Believed that hard work would bring ordinary people wealth and influence

Immigrants arrive in the North

Between 1845 and 1860 Irish and German immigrants swlled the North's population. Most came with little or no money looking for work.

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