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Behavioral and CognitiveMaladaptive symptomatic behaviors are learned responses, involuntarily acquired and reinforcedPsycho educationalFamily has been hurt by insensitive professionals, need for information and education, learn different coping strategies, anxiety and grief render the family dysfunctionalFeministInequality of power in relationships, power differentials in gender rolesNetworkThe destructive patterns within family relationships creat a family crisisSolution FocusedThe meanings attributed to behavior puts limits on the range of alternatives that can be applied to the solution, excessive focus on the problem and limited set of behaviorsBowen TherapistNeutral, objective, coachContextual TherapistActive, personal, co-therapy, relational balances, catalyistObjective Relations TherapistNon-directive, observer, insight and understandingMRI Brief TherapistActive, clients are viewed as customers, attend to process over content, team and one way mirror often usedStrategic Haley TherapistActive and deliberate, join with the family, responsible for therapy, presenting problem, use language of the family, observerMilan Systemic TherapistMixed gender treatment teams, neutrality, ways to think differently, generate hypothesisStructural TherpistActive, involved, leadershipExperiential TherapistInvolved and active, self-disclosing, warm, responsive, positive, consultant, alternating between provocation and supportSolution Focused TherapistDirective, in control, engage in solution oriented conversationNarrative TherapistCo-creative system with the family, neither direct nor indirect, clients have voice in treatment processCollaborative TherapistNultipartial, not knowing, honor client's reality, listener, responsive, compassionate, eqalitarian partnership, co-explorerBehavioral and Cognitive TherapistDirective, teacher, coach, model, reinforcerPsychoeducational TherapistActive, learn from family, directive and empathic, provide information, brief therapyFeminist TherapistSocial change agent, empowering, collaborative, depathologizing, demystifying therapyNetwork TherapistTeam of 2 to 3 therapists, active, enable, supportiveBowen's MethodsProcess over content, Genogram, "I" position, Detriangulation, create therapy triangle, often long termContextual MethodsMultidirectional partiality, listening, observing, responding to unconscious material, therapist decides whom to see, couple therapy is not separate modalityObject Relations MethodsListening, observing, responding to unconscious material, interpreting, developing insightMRI Brief MethodsMost motivated person in system, symptom-focused, tasks, paradox and reframe, encourage interaction, observe sequences, define maladaptive sequences, problem resolutionStrategic Haley MethodsDirectives, direct and paradoxical, enactment, feedback, pretending, ordeals, reframingMilan Systemic MethodHypothesizing, circularity, neutrality, invariant prescription, rituals, paradox, positive connotationStructural MethodJoining/accomodating, diagnosing, modify interactions, boundary making, unbalancing, challenging, enactments, reframing, tasks, paradoxEmotional Focused MethodChanging interactional positioinsSolution Focused MethodComplimenting, formula first session task, scaling questions, miracle question, more of the sameNarrative MethodQuestions and summaries, externalizing problems, dilemma questions, escape meetings, note taking/sharing, landscape of action and meaning questions, certificates, therapeutic lettersCollaborative Method MethodConversational questions, not knowing approach, reflecting team, shared inquiryBehavioral and Cognitive MethodOperant techniques (shaping, token economy, contingencies), respondent conditioning (desensitization, assertiveness, aversion), cognitive affective (thought-stopping, rational emotional), parenting training and contractsPsychoeducational MethodRemove, blame, education, encourage helping, contracting, survival skills workshop, training with family, lowering expectationsFeminist MethodNarrative approachNetwork MethodConfrontation, tasks, rituals, encounter group exercises, psychodrama, use of action