chapter 15

the astrometric technique of planet detection works best for
massive planets around nearby stars.
The reason that most extrasolar planets are found close to their parent stars is
the amount and frequency of the star's motion are both higher.
The first planets around other Sun-like stars were discovered
about a decade ago.
The composition of a planet can be determined by
The transit method of planet detection works best for
big planets in edge-on orbits around around small stars.
The Doppler technique only provides a measure of the minimum mass of a planet because
only the motion of star toward the observer is measured, not the full motion.
Which planet search technique is currently best suited to finding Earth-like planets?
The depth of the dip in a star's brightness due to the transit of a planet depends most directly on
the planet's diameter.
Most of the planets discovered around other stars
are more massive than Earth and orbit very close to the star.
What are the two main differences between extrasolar planetary systems discovered to date and our Solar System?
extrasolar planet orbits tend to be closer and more eccentric than in our Solar System
How do we think the "hot Jupiters" around other stars were formed?
They formed as gas giants beyond the frost line and then migrated inwards.
Which of the following is a consequence of the discovery of hot Jupiters for the nebular theory of solar system formation
It has been modified to allow for planets to migrate inwards or outwards due to gravitational interactions.