Afghanistan - Cold War

Military Coup 1978
Taraki president
Amin member of government
End of 1979
Amin kills Taraki
Soviets kill Amin
Karmal - New leader
Reasons For Soviet Invasion
- USSR responding to chaos in neighboring client state
- Soviet Leadership, fearing spread of Iranian muslims into afghanistan
US reaction
- Boycott 1980's olympics in Moscow
- Banned sail of grain to USSR
- Break off the SALT talks
Reduced arms programme.
Reason For US reaction
Invasion under the sphere of USSR
- Us wanted end on the detente
- Invasion unpopular with muslim world.
- USA viewed the the invasion as a spread of communism
- Expansion of USSR into oil roch middle east.
- Embarrassment when people in iran were taken as hostages and the US embassy counldent do anything about it.
1985 - .....
CIA supplied mujahaddin
- Satellite reconnaissance data
- Intercepting of Soviet communications
- Secret communication Systems
- Soviet military plans
- Specialized arms (stingers)
Gorbachev announces gradual withdrawal from afghanistan
Mujahaddin Victory
1992, After soviet withdrawal
Mujahaddin also takes power from Najibullah
Last Afghani president before Taliban took over; Taliban murdered him in 1996
Losses Facts
Soviets - 15,000 dead
Soviets - 37,000 wounded
Afghanis - 1 million dead.
Rising of Taliban
- USA cause
- Different factions
- Civil War
- Rise with aid from pakistan, under US supervision
Mujahaddin Post War Actions
- De Stabilize Algeria
- Osama bin laden joins the Al-Qaida
A Sunni Muslim organization dedicated to the elimination of American presence in Arab countries