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Explain what the 'Imperial Presidency' theory is.
Presidency is charactrized by power greater the constitution.
President has more power in foreign affairs.
Increase in appointed staff with personal loyalty to President.
Reduction of use of cabinet and increase in advisory bodies eg NSA, Office of Management and Budget.
Senate does not 'advise and consent' to appointment within EXOP.
'Most important man in the world' due to power over Congress regarding foreing affairs.
Identify an example of the president using their power of the chief diplomat of the United States
Richard Nixon - SALT
George H. W. Bush - START
Indentify three benefits of the State of the Union address for the president.
Allows president to outline agenda for the following year.
'Unique opportunity' to sell their case to Congress.
Appeal of bipartisanship.
Identify 5 methods the president can use to win Congress
Taking middle ground on issues
Veto to please factions