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Air tray

a transfer container consisting of a wooden tray with a cardboard covering for the casket

Alternative Container

An unfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made of fiberboard, pressed wood, composition materials (with or without an outside covering) or like materials.


Lining attached to the foot panel and the overlay of the casket


The piece of the handle which attaches to the bar of the casket


the quantity found by dividing the sum of all the quantities by the number of quantities

Bail Handle

A single handle in which the lug, arm, and bar are combined in one unit. (found on infant casket)

Body Lining

Material which drapes the inside perimeter of the body of the casket.

Body Panels

Compose the sides and ends of the casket shell.


A twilled, napped, woolen or worsted fabric with a smooth lustrous face and dense texture; a fabric usually made of cotton, silk, or rayon woven in a plain or rib weave with a soft semi-gloss finish.


A metal alloy consisting of 90% copper with tin and sometimes zinc comprising the other 10% and is used in the making of the casket

Brushed Finish

bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained


The upper most portion of the casket including the ogee, crown, pie and header

Cap Panel

the focal part of the interior which fills the inside portion of the crown of the casket and sometimes bordered by the roll, maybe referred to as the panel.

Cash Advances

Items which are paid in advance by the funeral home on behalf of the client

Cash Discount

A reduction of cost due to prompt payment with contract guidelines. For example 2/10 net 30.

Casket Rack

A display of two or three caskets one upon the other used for the viewing of different styles of caskets

Casket Stand

A support used for displaying a casket

Cast Bronze

Melted bronze poured into a mold and allowed to cool which is used to make parts for a casket

Cast Hardware

The fixtures of a casket made in one piece by pouring molten metal in a mold and then cooled to fashion into the correct shape


The part of the handle which is used to carry the casket by the pallbearers in a funeral service

Base Molding

Ornamentation/Molding along the lowest edge of the body panels of a casket


The inside part of the casket where the deceased rests or is laid

Bi-Unit Pricing

Mode of pricing which separates services from casket prices in the cost for a funeral


The part of the casket which is comprised of the top body molding, body panel, base molding and the bottom of the structure

Outer Burial Containers

These containers support the earth load and are made of wood, concrete, metal, polymer and fiberglass. These also hold the casket and are generally known as vaults or grave liners.


Steel that has been coated with zinc for increased resistance to rust.

Gasket Channel

found on cut top gasketed caskets; is an integral part of the foot panel header on gasketed caskets; the function is to hold the transverse gasket to seal the space between the head and foot caps


a measurement of thickness of metals; the number of sheets of metal necessary to equal approximately one inch of thickness


a strip of metal, plastic or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll is anchored

Graduated Recovery

- the return of money produced by varying the amount expected on each selection.

Grave Box

Consists of a body and a one or two piece lid.
Usually constructed out of concrete or wood
Sometimes two holes are drilled in bottom for drainage

Flaring Square

a casket shell design in which the sides and ends of the casket body flare out from the bottom to the top; a casket shell design that is narrower and shorter at the bottom than at the opening of the top

Flat Finish

A finish used on casket exteriors that is free of gloss: dull lusterless surface: no shine or gloss.

Fluorescent Lighting

cooler and more efficient that incandescent lights; have a wide range of wavelengths and long life


a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle

Functional Pricing

a method of price quotation by which the charges are broken down into several major component parts, such as professional service, facilities, automobile, and merchandise


A casket having ends in the shape of a half circle.


decorated with patterns raised above the surface or pressed into the surface


the portion of the casket interior which extens over the top body molding (body ledge) for aesthetic value

Ferrous Metal

any metal formed from iron (steel or stanless steel)


a covering material made of glass fibers in resins

Fixed Multiple

A straight line equation in which the cost is multiplied by a constant

Crushed Interior

a form of casket interior created by placing the lining material on a metal form, weights added, the material steamed, and then attached to a suitable upholstery (backing) material

Demonstration Group

Three or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction.

Direct Lighting

Illumination directly shining on an object.

Direct Selection Room Procedure

the method of selling caskets whereby the funeral director remains in the selection room throughout the selection process


Which heavy durable casket exterior fabric has a short nap of less than 1/8th inch?


The top of an air seal burial vault which entraps air as it is put in position: it also supports the weight of the earth above.

Church Truck

a wheeled, collapsible support for the casket, used in the funeral home, church or home

Combination Case

a transfer container consisting of a particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover to satisfy air shipping regulations

Combination Unit

any product consisting of a unit or a series of units which are designed or intended to be used together as both a casket and as a permanent burial receptacle

Consecutive Method

placing caskets in the selection room in their order of increasing or decreasing value


Goods that are given to a business to sell but for which title to the goods remains with the vendor

Consumer Value Index

The wholesale cost of an item that has been divided by its
retail price


Optional casket hardware attached to each corner of the casket


a soft thin light fabric with a crinkled surface

Crinkled Finish

an exter casket finish in which the metal is coated with a substance that wrinkles as it dries; usually used on less expensive caskets


The portion of the casket which extends from rim to rim on the upper most part of the cap


a sprayed finish that has the appearance of small indentations in the metal


This refers to the items attached to the outside of the casket such as handles, bars, settings, and other ornamental pieces

Head panel

A component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets.

Hermetically Sealed

Airtight; impervious to external influence; completely sealed by fusion or soldering.

Hinge Cover

The portion of the casket interior covering the hinges that attaché the casket cap to the casket body.

Incandescent lighting

The illumination resulting from the glowing of a heated filament.

Indirect Lighting

A method of illumination in which the light is reflected from the ceiling or other object outside the fixture.

Indirect Selection Room Procedure

The method of selling caskets whereby the funeral director does not stay in the selection room during the selection process.

Inner Panels

Functional or ornamental covering that usually covers the foot end of the casket in the full couch casket; may be located at both the head and foot of the full couch casket.


the method of price quotation by which each unit of service and/or merchandise is priced separately.


A type of wood casket exterior that is made by uniting superimposed layers of different materials


a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant which has a sheen and is cool to wear in wear weather

Linen Weave

This term refers to a certain look to a fabric or paper made to look like linen


This refers to the part of the handle that attaches to the casket


a type of casket backing material that is pressed paper in sheet form; used in casket construction as a backing (upholstery) material


The middle number in a set of numbers that are listed in order

Merchandise Value Ratio (MVR)

The relationship between the wholesale cost of the merchandise and the total cost (both service and merchandise) to the consumer.


the most frequently occurring number in a list of numbers

Non-ferrous Metal

any metal which is not formed from iron

Ziegler Case

A gasketed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or as a separate shipping container


burial vase for ashes

Air Seal

a method of sealing a vault that utilizes the air pressure created by placing the dome of the vault onto the base of the vault.

Bevel Top Marker

A small headstone, set above ground, with a slightly slanting top.

Burial Casket

a casket which is sold for the purpose of interring or entombing with the dead human remains


box in which a corpse is buried or cremated


a tract of land used for burials


a memorial tomb established for an individual who is actually buried elsewhere.


box in which a corpse is buried or cremated which is anthropoidal in shape


A structure, room, or space in a mausoleum or other building containing niches or recesses used to hold cremated remains.


secret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)


an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there

Flush marker

A small headstone which is set with its top even with the surrounding terrain. (Mostly found in Memorial Parks.)

Foot panel

A component part of the casket interior which is inside the foot portion of the cap.

Header(Cap Filler)

component part of cap that is constructed into caskets that display a cut top; provides strength/rigidity at the point of the transverse cut; the vertical portion where the two (head and foot) cap pieces come together when the cap has a transverse cut

Header Flange

1 Place where the header rests or makes contact with
the shell.

Horizontal Tablet

A type of cemetery monument in which the die is wider than it is tall.


grave space where two or more person may be buried in grave liners which have been stacked one on top of the other; with the first person who dies being buried in the deepest grave line with subsequent burials on top

Mattress Cover

Interior cloth or material which covers the mattress or bedding of the casket.


a large burial chamber, usually above ground


a physical object that is designed for the purpose of remembering

Memorial Park

a cemetery or section of a cemetery with only flush to the ground type markers.


a structure, usually of stone or metal, erected to commemorate the life, deeds, or career of a deceased person; from the Latin word meaning to "REMIND"

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