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ESLpod 261


a person's characteristics that affect what one does and how one acts or behaves

closest in age

with the smallest difference in ages; with the fewest years between two people


changing moods or emotions very quickly, and often angry or sad for no reason


shy; quiet; not outgoing


always talking; liking to talk a lot


happy; positive; in a good mood

a year apart

separated in age by one year; one year older/younger than each other


in a bad mood; negative; angry


a very good person; a kind, thoughtful person who is liked by everyone; a person who behaves in an ideal way


able to wait for something without getting angry or frustrated and without seeming to be in a hurry


willing to share; willing to give things to other people without expecting anything in return

to look up to (someone)

to admire or respect someone; to think that someone is very good


even-tempered; not changing moods very often; not easy to make angry; calm


not liking to share things with others; wanting to have everything for oneself; caring only about oneself


not wanting to change one's mind or opinion; determined to continue to do something or think about something the same way

to put up with (someone)

to tolerate someone; to accept someone's negative behavior without complaining

to exaggerate

to make something bigger or more important than it really is

to grow out of (something)

to stop doing something as one gets older

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