Interchangeable Parts


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Interchangeable Parts
-Laid out the groundwork for the manufacturing era (industrial revolution)
-Pre-manufactured parts that were made for the same purpose
Firearm Industry
-Muskets were assembled with interchangeable parts
-Allowed relatively unskilled workers to produce large numbers of product quickly and at a lower cost
-Made repair and replacement of parts easier
Pre-industrial gun making
-Firearms were all constructed by hand
-Broken guns could not be prepared easily
-Time consuming and expensive
Eli Whitney
-1797, Congress prepared for war against France (large amount of funds for new weapons)
-Young inventor Eli Whitney gained gov. contract to manufacture 10,000 muskets in less than 2 years using interchangeable parts
-Failed to do so, but put on a display for John Adams and Jefferson w/ interchangeable parts
-Made him famous
Impact of Interchangeable Parts
-Whitney divided labor efficiently among a largely unskilled work force
-Enabled production of large numbers of identical parts quickly and at a low cost