Roman Legacies

20 terms by NantucketViking Teacher

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Large domed temple for all the gods in Rome


Monotheistic religion which grew very large as an effect of being made the official religion of the Roman Empire


Building material made of sand, gravel, cement and water which can be formed into any shape before it hardens


Large amphitheater in Rome


Structure used to carry water into Roman cities


System of pipes which carry waste out of cities


Stretch of paved or hardened surface created to improve transportation; Rome built thousands of miles of these (e.g., The Appian Way)


Emperor who developed a code of laws in the 6th century

Roman Numerals

Roman numbers


Roman author of the "Aeneid"


Language of the Romans

Romance Languages

Languages which were made from Latin, such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese


Academic field which still uses Latin


Branch of the Christian religion which uses Latin as its official language

6th Century AD

Time when Justinian created Code of Roman Laws


Curved construction technique for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it


A roof shaped like a half-circle or hemisphere


Virgil's epic about Trojans escaping Troy and eventually settling in Latium


Something handed down from the past, such as religion, architecture, language, government


Roman form of democracy copied now by many countries such as the United States

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