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OPPII 2 - Quadratus Lumborum, Piriformis, Psoas & IT Band Syndrome


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Quadratus lumborum functions with? action?
-Stabilizes origin of diaphragm
Quadratus Lumborum Spasm: pain (2)? causes (2)?
-Low back pain
-Referred to hip and groin
-Exhalation 12th rib dysfunction
-Diaphragm restriction
Psoas Syndrome (2)
-develops as bilateral spasm
-concentrates on one side
Psoas Syndrome key somatic dysfunction
-non-neutral dysfunction of L1 or L2
Psoas Syndrome causes? (3)
-slumped in chair
-Bent at waist for long time
-return to neutral suddenly
Process of psoas syndrome (3)
-L1 or L2 rotate left then sidebend left
-rest of spine sidebends left
-other vertebrae act according to Type I
If spastic psoas carries to sacrum on left? (4)
-left sidebending causes non-neutral sacrum (lumbar flexed)
-Left oblique axis engaged
-Sacrum rotates right
-causes Right on left
What happens after sacrum involved (ex: left side psoas syndrome)? (2)
-extends to opposite (right side) piriformis
-spasms (sciatica)
Symptoms Psoas Syndrome Left (5)
-pain when sit straight
-key lesion pain right SI
-patient bent forward and to left
-Left leg short/externally rotated
-right piriformis pain (sciatica)
Psoas Syndrome tx (4)
-counterstrain psoas point
-HVLA key lesion
-MUST cool down acute muscle
-do not stretch
test psoas?
-Thomas test
if leave psoas syndrome untreated?
-fibrosis of muscle
Weak psoas symptoms (3)
-excessive back bending of lumbar because strong back muscles
-Increase lordosis
-protruding abdomen
Piriformis syndrome
-sciatica from piriformis
ITB syndrome is leading cause of?
-lateral knee pain in runners
ITB causes? (3)
-increase level of exercise
-Gait abnormality
-Muscle imbalance