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What is the leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide?

lung cancer

Smoking and chewing tobacco are the leading causes of ____ cancer.

head and neck

Exposure to asbestos increases the risk for cancer of the membranes of many internal organs and is commonly known as ____.


Surgical treatments for breast cancer include mastectomy and ____.


Which of the following are risk factors for ovarian cancer?

Polycystic ovary disease
History of pelvic inflammatory disease

A definitive diagnosis of cancer is made pending the results of a(n) ____.


Life expectancy for men who are surgical candidates for prostate cancer is ____.

10 years

The risk for testicular cancer is greatest in men ____ years of age.


Greater than 90% of esophageal cancer is attributed to ____.

Inadequate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
Alcohol use
Tobacco use

The most important risk for bladder cancer in approximately 65% of males and 30% of females is ____.

Cigarette smoking

The most common symptom of bladder cancer is ____.


Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are cancers of ____ tissue.


A distinguishing feature between Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is the presence of ____.

Reed-Sternberg cells

Massive proliferation of immature forms of white blood cells occurs in ____.


Malignant proliferation of pigment-producing cells occurs in ____.

malignant melanoma

The most common childhood cancer is ____.


Cancer of the sympathetic nervous system that consists of immature embryonic like cells is known as a ____.


The leading risk factor for prostate cancer is ____.


The majority of melanoma appear on the ____ in men and on the ____ in women.

Back, Legs

Proliferation of abnormal whit blood cells occurs in ____.


A renal tumor that is composed of cells that resemble embryonic glomeruli is known as ____.

Wilms' tumor

Cancer that occurs on the surface of bone is known as a(n) ____.


The prognosis and treatment of cancer is affected by ____.

cancer stage
chronic disease

Beginning at the age of 50 years the American Cancer Society recommends a(n) ____ or ____ every 5 years for the detection of cancer in the colon or rectum in asymptomatic individuals.

fecal occult blood, sigmoidoscopy

A cancer-related checkup is recommended every ____ year(s) by the American Cancer Society for individuals age 20-39 years.


Neoplasia means ____.

new growth

The development of cancer is termed ____.


Population-based studies of cancer rates are used to characterize the ____ of cancer.


Hepatitis B and C are common causes of ____ cancer.


Hilicobacter pylori infection is associated with ____ cancer.


What kind of trait tends to appear in each generation?


Which of the following is true of sex-linked traits?

normally show up in males

Accumulation of excess phenylalanine causes ____.


Which of the following is NOT considered a genetic disease?

multiple sclerosis

A chart showing a family genetic background is called a ____.


Klinefelter's syndrome occurs in ____.


Down syndrome is the result of ____.

trisomy 21

Albinism is the lack of the production of ____.


The scientific study of inheritance is called ____.


The 22 pairs of matched chromosomes are called ____.


What replicating molecule is found in the cell nucleus?


A matching set of genes for a given trait is called ____.


Eggs and sperms are called ____.


Sex-linked implies ____.

X chromosome

Huntington's chorea is ____.

autosomal dominant

What drug group may be used to reduce familial hypercholesterolemia?


What genetic disease affects about 10% of the black population?

sicle cell anemia

What culture is particularly impacted with Tay-Sachs disease?

European Jews (Ashkenazi)

What tropical disease has been associated with sickle cell trait?


Which of the following is true of Duchenne's muscular dystrophy?

is a sex-linked disease

Which of the following is true of red-green color blindness?

is sex-linked

Fragile X disorder tends to result in ____.

mental impairment

Tay-Sachs disease may be prevented by ____.

genetic counseling

What disorder leaves the person vulnerable to bleeding episodes?


Polydactly suggests ____.

extra fingers or toes

Those born with both testes and ovaries are known as ____.


What common procedure helps determine the gender of a fetus?


Which statement is TRUE?

Males normally suffer sex-linked disorders

What autosomal dominant disease causes atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease?

familial hypercholesterolemia

After smoking, diet and ____ is the next largest contributor to cancer deaths.


Symptoms of lung cancer include wheezing, stridor or a high pitch during respiration, hoarseness, and ____ or difficulty speaking.


The ____ for the development of breast cancer include age, female gender, and personal family history of breast cancer.

risk factor

Cancers of the colon and rectum are most common in ____ societies where consumption of high fats, refined carbohydrates, and animal proteins, combined with low physical activity, is common.


Enlargement of the liver, also known as ____, may be a sign of liver cancer.


Molecular and epidemiological studies has shown that certain infections with human papillomavirus (HPV) types are central to the development of ____ cancer.


The most common sign of uterine cancer is ____, or uterine bleeding, especially after menopause.


The X and Y chromosomes are called ____ chromosomes.


Hemophilia is a(n) ____ trait.


An individual without skin pigment would be a(n) ____.


Cancer-causing genes are known as ____.


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