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Would you prefer to marry someone who is beautiful or who has a good __?

closest in age

In the Nguyen family, Harold (age 7) and Maude (age 6) are the __ __ __ because the other children are 2, 14, and 20 years old.


I'm sorry I yelled at you yesterday for no reason. I was just feeling very __.


Do you think Paul is too __ to ask Belinda to go to the movies with him?


I don't like going to the movies with __ people because then I can't hear the movie!


Ana Lucia is always so __! I don't think I've ever seen her feeling sad or down.

a year apart

Boris and Dani are only __ __ __: he was born in 1968 and she was born in 1969.


Claudia's ex-boyfriend is really __ and he's always getting into fights.


Sheryl is such an __! She brought me dinner every night when I was sick last week.


The teacher was very __ and explained the problem to me for more than 20 minutes until I understood it.


Mateo is very __. Last year he gave more than $5,000 to help the poor.

look up to

Who did you __ __ __ more when you were a child, your mother or your father?


Rodrigo is so __ that he didn't even get very angry when Shawna accidentally hit his car.


Young children sometimes don't like to share, so their parents have to teach them to be less __.


Hugo won't ask for directions because he is too __ to admit that he's lost.

put up with

How do you __ __ __ Nancy smoking in your office every day?


Is your brother really seven feet tall or were you __?

grow out of

Tara didn't __ __ __ playing with dolls until she was 15 years old!

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