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  1. Charles Evans Hughes
  2. Benny Goodman
  3. G.W. Griffiths
  4. Roosevelt
  5. Louis Armstrong
  1. a "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
  2. b Birth of a Nation
  3. c Swing music
  4. d Jazz trumpet player who gained international fame
  5. e Secretary of State in early 20s who was able to persuade the countries at Washington Naval Conference to adopt his proposals to preserve peace

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  1. Harsh critic of Roosevelt who called for the gov. to take over ownership of the nation's banks
  2. Roosevelt's Republican opponent in election of 1940
  3. General in Spanish Civil War
  4. Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the Treaty of Versailles was considered
  5. Appointed by Roosevelt to head the Works Progress Administration

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  1. Babe RuthInternational hero because of his ability to hit home runs


  2. Calvin Coolidge"The business of America is business"


  3. MussoliniFirst woman to serve in a President's cabinet


  4. Alfred LandonPlanned Parenthood, advocate of birth control


  5. Colonel Edward HouseAssociated with Wilson's efforts to end the Great War


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