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  1. Hoover
  2. Herbert Hoover
  3. Henry Ford
  4. Vladimir Lenin
  5. Eugene Debs
  1. a Began the mass production of automobiles when he introduced the moving assembly line in 1913
  2. b Secretary of Commerce during the 20s
  3. c Leader of socialist party who was sent to prison for his opposition to American participation in WWI
  4. d Goodwill Tour
  5. e Led the Bolshevik Revolution

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  1. "It is dependent upon a national union representing all employees--whether skilled or unskilled, or whether working by brain or brawn--in each basic industry"
  2. Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the Treaty of Versailles was considered
  3. Swing music
  4. Birth of a Nation
  5. Roosevelt's Republican opponent in the election of 1936

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  1. Charles Evans HughesSecretary of State in early 20s who was able to persuade the countries at Washington Naval Conference to adopt his proposals to preserve peace


  2. Francisco FrancoLed the Bolshevik Revolution


  3. Margaret MitchellGone with the Wind


  4. Calvin CoolidgeAppointed by Roosevelt to head the Works Progress Administration


  5. Margaret SangerPlanned Parenthood, advocate of birth control