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  1. Hoover
  2. Perkins
  3. Alfred Landon
  4. Charles Evans Hughes
  5. Eugene Debs
  1. a Wilson's Republican opponent when he sought reelection in 1916
  2. b Roosevelt's Republican opponent in the election of 1936
  3. c First woman to serve in a President's cabinet
  4. d Goodwill Tour
  5. e Leader of socialist party who was sent to prison for his opposition to American participation in WWI

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  1. "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"
  2. Migrant Mother
  3. First Cabinet officer to go to prison
  4. Famous child movie star in the 30s
  5. Swing music

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  1. Calvin Coolidge"The business of America is business"


  2. John L. Lewis"It is dependent upon a national union representing all employees--whether skilled or unskilled, or whether working by brain or brawn--in each basic industry"


  3. Senator Huey LongBegan the mass production of automobiles when he introduced the moving assembly line in 1913


  4. Harry HopkinsFirst woman to serve in a President's cabinet


  5. FDRGoodwill Tour