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  1. Mae West
  2. Charles Evans Hughes
  3. Herbert Hoover
  4. Colonel Edward House
  5. Henry Ford
  1. a Secretary of Commerce during the 20s
  2. b Began the mass production of automobiles when he introduced the moving assembly line in 1913
  3. c "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"
  4. d Wilson's Republican opponent when he sought reelection in 1916
  5. e Associated with Wilson's efforts to end the Great War

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  1. Quarantine Speech
  2. Republican nominee for President in 1920 who called for a "return to normalcy"
  3. Migrant Mother
  4. International hero because of his ability to hit home runs
  5. First leader to head his government

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  1. Long RangerCowboy who was the lead character in a popular radio program in the 30s


  2. Wendell Willkie"It is dependent upon a national union representing all employees--whether skilled or unskilled, or whether working by brain or brawn--in each basic industry"


  3. RooseveltGoodwill Tour


  4. Senator Huey LongMigrant Mother


  5. G.W. GriffithsBirth of a Nation