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Chapter 1


hello, hi

buenos días

good morning

buenas tardes

good afternoon

buenas noches

good evening, good night



nos vemos

see you

hasta luego

see you later

hasta la vista

see you later

hasta pronto

see you soon

hasta mañana

see you tomorrow

saludos a...

greetings to...

cómo está ud

how are you (formal)

cómo estás

how are you (familiar)

qué hay de nuevo

what's new

qué pasa

what's happening, what's going on

qué tal

how are you, how is it going

Muy bien, gracias

very well, thanks



no muy bien

not very well


so-so, ok

por favor


con permiso

pardon me, excuse me

el gusto es mío

the pleasure is mine


delighted, pleased to meet you

le presento a...

I would like to introduce you to...(formal)

te presento a...

I would like to introduce you to...(familiar)

el nombre


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