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to present the words and ideas of someone else as your own, without giving credit.
Academic integrity
a quality or value or being honest and responsible in the educational world.
a reference to the author of a given work which can include name, title, page number, publishing information and date.
Common knowledge
general facts that do not have to be documented. For example, Lincoln was our 16th president.
Graphic organizer
a visual way to organize information about a piece of writing. Flow-charts, outlines and concept maps are examples of graphic organizers
In-text (in -project) citation
a way to reference a source by giving immediate source information and authority without interrupting the flow of the project
MLA ( Modern Language Association
an organization that provides guidelines for documenting and citing sources during a research project. This style is used in many high schools. The APA (American Psychological Association) is an example of another organization that provides citations guidelines.
to re-work the ideas, words, phrases and sentence structures of others and retell them in your own words. Sources used in paraphrases need to be documented.
Research process
the steps students take in research: asking good, focused questions; searching strategically; locating, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, and documenting information; and communicating new knowledge.
to combine the main ideas of one or several authors, using your own words, into a significantly shorter form. Sources used in summaries need to be documented.
to speak or write the exact words of others. Quotes are written within quotation marks and need to be documented.
Works cited list
a compilation of all sources used within a research project. All quotes and paraphrases are included on this list.
Works consulted list
a compilation of all sources used in preparing a research project. These sources include summaries and background information.
the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work